The One Eyed Man

Van Gough – Art Detective


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Two days ago, My Man, Spooky Noodles, offered another version of how Van Gogh died. It may not have been a suicide. No sooner do I make Vincent a Private Eye – he is investigating his own death! I went looking for a image of Spooky Noodles, and found him. Most good Black Mask characters, had a side-kick. As I lie in bed, I knew I was going to be making several blogs on suicide. I considered how overpowered I felt as I began to investigate the death of my sister, a world famous artist. There were rich and powerful people lurking in the background. One, refused to shake my hand at Christine’s funeral. Isn’t this how all Philip Marrow novels begin? What is he hiding?

“You can tell a lot about a man by his handshake!”

I thought about Harry and Meghan, and the powerful people they are up against. I turn on my computer and read this story, that speaks of Meghan’s “suicidal thoughts”. These thoughts will be the most studied and written about thoughts in history – after the last thoughts of Vincent! How timely!

How Prince William Challenged Prince Harry’s Narrative Over 3 Days of Royal Bombshells (

When I found Van Gogh’s painting of the One Eyed Man, I noticed the cigarette dangling from his mouth, and a puff of smoke. Eureka! How many hard-boiled detectives had cigarettes’ as props. Bingo! Humphry Bogart and Lauren Bacall do a famous scene with smoke. I then google this painting, and – about fell over backwards in my chair! This smoker was on the ward with Vincent. He is a fellow lunatic – that needed to be locked up! I thought about Ken Kesey, working on a ward – then realized no one had connected Ken Kesey to Van Gough! I googled to see if I was correct. There is one connection – that I made – that will put Ken in the category he has long sought. Can you find it? Look at their noses! The famous scene with the cigarettes’ would lead to Murphy being lobotomized, which is suggestive of a suicide. After getting shock treatment, Murphy may have realized he was never going to get out. He looks to take his own life. The Chief has seen this before.

As I lie in my bed debating whether to go down this road, I considered my PTSD. I have been in therapy trying to get in a good place with it, so I can heal physically. My diabetes was out of control, and I just got a bunch of teeth extracted. I already considered that I was employing Vincent as a body-double, my weird, to look at the most difficult things in my life experience. But, I will now use ‘The One Eyed Private Eye’ to do all the dirty work. For now, he has no name. He is The Chief of The Ward. He keeps an eye on everyone, and helps ground them. As to what is – wrong with him – he tells Vincent he suffers from being short and, is addicted to Trench Humor after being in a minor war.

“I had run out of jokes and my men were in despair. I had to get out of there. So I faked an accident. I slipped in the mud and my eye fell on my bayonet. No one bought it. They had to let me go. I am in here for…..cowardice! Can you spare a smoke?”

To be continued

Ginger and The Beard | Rosamond Press

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest – I Want My Cigarettes Full Scene – 1080p Full HD – YouTube

After finding the One Eyed Man – everything fell into place!

The Duke of Cambridge made rare public statements on his upbringing, grief over his mother’s death, and most unusually of all—Princess Diana’s “paranoia.”

The future-king’s intervention came as Prince Harry talked again about the British media attacking Meghan Markle and his family’s “total neglect” in response to his pleas for help.

Harry spoke at length about Princess Diana being hounded to her death by the paparazzi and his fears for Meghan Markle’s mental health after she experienced suicidal thoughts in January 2019.

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