The Mary Magdalene Cult

Mary Magdalene Rosamond’s mother, Mary Hiel, may have been part Sephardic Jew. Some Cherokees were speaking an ancient Judaic language. Mary’s cousin, Mary Dominica, founded Briarcliff College. My kin will not reveal the last part of her book.

Mother Mary Dominica Wieneke | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

Was Mary Magdalene a Jew, or, a Guti Cutie?

Let us explore the most succesful Judaic transplant into White Folk’s Society, whereas Jesus is rejected by many white people, while his alleged consort, Mary Magdalene, is let in all doors – along with her infant with the hood on.

After my fall on the rocks, and death, I emerged from my bedroom and came into the living room where around ten members of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love were waiting for me. My future art patron was there. The first thing I said, was; “I am thirsty.” When I read these were Jesus’ words on the cross nearly thirty years later, I had to get real serious about my purpose in life.

In 1969 I discovered the Pre-Raphaelite artists at the Oakland Library. I read they were influenced by the Nazarene Artists of Germany who let their hair grow long…

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