“His Red Nation”

I believe I descend from Jesus and Mary Magdalene that left for the New World in a fleet of Phoenician ships from Sidonia where he took his disciples and about three thousand followers – that John helped prepare for this voyage – that members of the Tribe of Levi made before. This is why they were not giving any land in The Promised Land – because that was NOT the Promised Land. Scholars are concluding the Exodus was fiction. We have accounts of Moses and THE ELDERS meeting with The Lord and having a pow-wow with him. Mummies are stuffed with tobacco. The Sephardic Jews probably told Columbus about the New World. Nunes is NUN, a ancestor of Jesus. Were the Sea Peoples from the New World? Egypt was invaded by a unidentified people. Sea Peoples – Wikipedia

What Happened to the Sephardic Jewish Colonists? | Access Genealogy

In 1759, Salvador was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. When George III ascended the throne of England, Salvador headed the seven-man delegation that congratulated him on behalf of England’s Jewish community.[3] Salvador was a pro-Hanovarian freemason belonging to the Premier Grand Lodge of England and was engaged in anti-Jacobite activities.[4]

The attitude of General James Edward Oglethorpe, leader of the Georgia Colony was very clear. Sephardic Jews were viewed as strong supporters of Great Britain, arch-enemies of Spain and valuable cultural assets to the colony. Portuguese/Spanish speaking Jews arrived in Savannah in 1733, the same year that the Colony of Georgia was founded. Congregation Kahal Kadosh Mickva Israel was founded in 1735. It is the third oldest synagogue in North America. Savannah’s first medical doctor was a Portuguese Jew named Samuel Nunes. His former job was Court Physician to the King of Portugal.

During the war with Spain in 1742-1745, most Sephardic Jews left Savannah when Spanish troops invaded Georgia. They feared that they would be burned at the stake. A few Sephardim returned to Savannah after a combined army of Georgia colonial militia and Creek Indians defeated the Spanish. However, thereafter, the congregation contained a higher percentage of Ashkenazi Jews.

There is very little information in the Georgia Colonial archives about what was going on in northern Georgia during the period from 1733 to 1776. To date no mention has been found of Jewish residents in the region during that period. The Creek-Cherokee War flared intermittently between 1715 and 1754, often making the Georgia Mountains a battleground. Creek towns were fortified, so Cherokee attacks were always on bands of Creek hunters or travelers. In contrast, the Creeks invariably attacked the unfortified Cherokee villages. There is no record of Creeks killing or driving out Jewish settlers.

Various branches of the Creeks such as the Kusa (Coosa,) Koweta, Apalache and Okonee occupied most of the Georgia Mountains, but Georgia maps also show Chickasaw, Yuchi and Savano (Shawnee) communities. 9 All but a few geographical place names in the region are Muskogean in origin, but include the names of tribes such as the Sawate (Saute), Eno (Mount Enotah), Tenasa (Tesnatee Mountain) and Soque (Soque River) that were Muskogeans indigenous to South Carolina. Any one of these many tribes could have contained people of Jewish ancestry. It is quite probable, given the Creek tradition of absorbing minorities, but not known for certain.

James Adair’s Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

The appearance of definite Jewish DNA in some Cherokees, Melungeons and Creeks has caused a renewed interest in James Adair. As stated earlier, his book, History of the American Indians, dwells on his theory that the Southeastern Indians were the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

There is also some evidence that there were Jewish families living in the Chickasaw territory of extreme northwestern Georgia. This is because of statements made by Indian trader James Adair10 His Chickasaw wife was of partial Jewish heritage that gave her some Caucasian features. When the Cherokees attacked the South Carolina frontier in 1776, Adair moved his wife and mixed heritage family to Oothlooga Creek near present day Adairsville, GA (northwest Georgia). The location was supposedly near her relatives. Does that mean that there were Sephardic or mixed-blood Sephardic-Native American settlers in northwest Georgia? The books are silent. However, Adairsville is on the edge of the Georgia Gold Belt. Spanish weapons, armor, jewelry and pottery have been found in the region where Adairsville is located.

The South Carolina and Wikipedia version of Adair’s life has him living most of the time at a farmstead in Laurens County, South Carolina. An in-depth investigation of his life by a professional historian and also the Alabama Encyclopedia, state that he spent very little time in South Carolina after 1745 and his whereabouts, after 1775, cannot be verified. His real last name may have not been Adair as his claimed birth in Antrim County, Ireland in 1709 has not been confirmed. It is known that before the Revolution, he spent much time at New Windsor, a Chickasaw village on the upper Savannah River in northeast Georgia. In the French and Indian War he was a lieutenant in command of a company of northwest Georgia/northeast Alabama Chickasaws, who fought the Cherokees. From his own statements, it is known that he also spent some periods of time at the Holston River settlements, but spent much of the time between 1763 and 1775 working on his book about the Southeastern Indians.

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Yesterday, on July 3rd. the Holy Spirit entered me after I told myself it is time to begin a New Ghost Dance. This morning I read again the diary of my kin, Henry Wieneke, who mentioned the war with Little Crow. He names the white women who were captured by him and the Santee Sioux. He suggests the British, or the Confederacy, paid the Santee to go on the warpath. Henry said the company commander deserted his troupes in order to fight for the Confederacy. Little Crow went to war because monies promised to his tribe were diverted by Lincoln to fight The Red State Traitors who made Trump the Commander in Chief. Donald never served in the military, yet he stood at the base of the Mount Rushmore, with his wife that posed naked, and declared more cultural warfare on everyone who is not a white evangelical Republican.


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