King of Bohemia Sues Putin

If I had the means I would move to Britain today. I am sick of the egregious Republican Liars For King Jesus who can not deal with common reality. Everything melts down to The Killer King Jesus For The Rapture. They are not in touch with reality.

Rosamond Press

On the day I am in theory, crowned, I bring a lawsuit against Vladimir Putin for the reason he did make threats to bring ruin to the Bohemian People and Crown that his secret royal advisors are aware of, for they have a plan to restore the Romanov Monarchy. Putin was a member of the KGB when the Soviet Union invaded Czechlisvokia and seized the castles of belonging to the Schwarzenberg-Seinsheim family – who helped restore the Habsburg Monarchy. Scroll down to see these castles. I am kin to the Rosenberg family of Krumlov Castle where John Dee and Kelly lived in order to conduct alchemist experiments. I believe both men were steeped in knowledge of the Lollards, and believed John Wycliffe and Jon Hus seeded the Protestant Reform – that put Queen Elizabeth on the throne of England. She made John Dee the First Sea Lord of England in…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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