It Is Not Time For Bond Franchise To End

Rosamond Press

This article was written by member of the Amuse & Entertain Me generation who did not see the rise of the Christian-right, or the election of Trump.  How old was Narayan Liu when Yeltsen was drunk on Vodka and the Berlin Wall came down? Liu declares the Bond franchise, dead. Did he see a Family Tradition coming to light? How about Family Values and genealogies? What he and others of his ilk, need, is a good Movie Spy, that can not just predict the future, but steal concrete data. How did Liu miss the Culture Wars? Why am I the only writer who discovered Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is related to Ian Fleming?

Liu and his generation contributed a insatiable boredom that became inflamed in the Era of the Mass Ticket Purchaser, and, Silicon Chip User. Little Dictators who play with their Celebrity Toys, that they break to pieces when the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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