Why My Bond Is A Woman

There is a parallels between Mischelle McMindes and Rena Easton that I will explore – IN DEPTH! I believe the Old Candy Colored Kesey Clowns – fear I will EXPOSE them and their leader.

Rosamond Press

I used Rena Easton as my model in critical choices I made. I correctly perceived that she was surrounded and swayed by Gun Grunt Christian Patriots who were claiming the Heartland of America – and all beautiful women therein. Putin had founded Sex Camps because Russians were not mating and producing children. QAnon blames Hillary and Rich Liberals for the decline of White Supremacy because they are kidnapping white children and selling them as sex slaves. Choosing Trump gave proof that half of white American men want to live their lives, and conduct business, modeled on Pulp Fiction. China will bury us – alive! No Republican is sane enough to talk about this.

Did Bond encounter the old Vice Dolls of Monte Carlo – who demanded sex from him?

It is a fact I am a real writer of James Bond fiction, and now that my political writing has slowed…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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