The Catholic Witches of Saybrook

President Biden would do well to commission me to take a closer look at the History of New England. The ancestor of Thomas Pynchon had his book burned. The Harts are kin to Harry and Meghan – who should have been taught more about their family history. It is never too late. They should hire a scholar to fill them in. I am available. Stephen Hart – Princess Diana | Rosamond Press

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I have another Best Seller!

My ancestor, Commodore Isaac Hull, waits till his crew have left the ship to go get drunk in town, then, signals with a lamp, the coast is clear.  A wagon pulls up and two men lift a barrel off the wagon, and quickly roll it up the gangplank. The Commodore is sweating. He is terrified the Hart family will find out he helped his sister-in-law smuggle her aborted baby out of Bolivia pickled in a keg of wine. As the keg rolled by his feet, Isaac refrained from giving the contents a formal salute; for inside is the unborn son of Bolivar who just liberated Bolivia. When Jeanette beheld Simon’s mistress behind him in the victory parade, she screamed in utter rage

“Get it out of me!”

Jeanette and her sisters knew Jeanette’s black maid was adept at abortions. Jeanette had been warned to stay…

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