The Other Bohemian Murder

This book was published in 1997 three years after Christine drowned – mysteriously! There’s going to be a party. It is 10:00 A.M. There is talk about driving to Carmel and renting fishing poles. A hairdresser left his card in the door when he showed up. Everyone was at the hospital. Who was catering this party that probably would take place during the day so guests can see the dramatic ocean. When does the sun set in March? Do the math. Who invited Christine to this house? There are no tidepools down there in that dangerous cove. There is talk about going to lunch. Who was invited?

I went and had a complete check-up yesterday which included a long interview. I was asked about my state of mind. It was suggested I see my therapist again. I am upset after reading about Christine’s struggle to stay alive which always kept me from concluding it was a suicide as my mother said. The other struggle is her telling me this. Was she creating a backup idea incase I did not buy the tide-pool lie. Then I read this;

“If Christine had been suicidal in the past, she was clearly not on this day.”

Christine was on Prozac a fact Vicki knew. She must have known our sister was suicidal. Some have suggested it was suicide to go down in that cove. Why then would she bring her eight year old daughter down there? Vicki was right there – within feet of them both. Surely Vicki owned death-thoughts. My friend, Michael Harkins suggested murder when he read the autopsy. I will say what he saw in A BOOK, that will just be about Christine’s death and the months after. Who would tell a mother her daughter – killed herself?

John Presco

No Tide Pools | Rosamond Press

“Forced to leave San Francisco after the devastating earthquake of 1906, Fremont (née Caroline) Jones follows her heart to the bohemian beach community of Carmel-by-the-Sea.  She is eager to be reunited with her elusive suitor, retired spymaster Michael Archer, but finds him mysteriously metamorphosed into Misha–otherwise occupied and decidedly unavailable for sleuthing.  But the irrepressible Fremont Jones has her pride, and determined to restart her typewriting business part-time, she signs on as temporary keeper of the Point Pinos Lighthouse.

She has barely settled in to her watch when a velvet-clad corpse washes in on the tide–and Fremont is off on a new and ultimately life-threatening quest.  Starting with the free-spirited artists of Carmel, she searches for clues to the identity of the dead woman and uncovers a community filled with intrigue, violence, and plenty of motives for murder.  When Fremont is attacked and robbed, her lighthouse torched, and the artist helping her turns up missing, she realizes she is perilously close to the truth.  And that the next body to drift in on the tide might well be her own.”

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Emperor Norton's Ghost

Emperor Norton’s Ghost

A Fremont Jones Mystery

Day, Dianne

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Place a Hold For LaterToggle DropdownTwo years after the Great Earthquake that destroyed San Francisco, and a year after the bitter misunderstanding that almost destroyed their budding romance, Fremont Jones and Michael Archer are back in the City by the Bay, this time committed to being “partners in life and work.” Their life is shared as equals, and their work is the private investigations agency they have opened together, but–not surprisingly, where Fremont is concerned–it’s sometimes difficult to separate the two. In fact, it’s her friendship with a slightly flighty, pretty, and troubled young woman that gets Fremont involved in her first murder investigation. Frances McFadden is besotted with spiritualism, and the curious but skeptical Fremont agrees to accompany her to a séance. When Frances’s husband finds out about their adventure, her punishment is both degrading and galvanizing at once. Then two mediums are murdered, Frances begins to discover her own talent for telepathy and takes a lover, and Fremont becomes dangerously embroiled in her friend’s illicit liaison. While Fremont hones her investigative skills, she also comes to a new appreciation of Michael’s professional talents and his other special qualities as well. As in her three earlier mysteries, Dianne Day provides “foggy period atmosphere, a dash of dangerous romance”(Minneapolis Star Tribune),and a twisty new adventure for her intrepid sleuth. Dianne Day spent her early years in the Mississippi Delta before moving to the San Francisco Bay area. Fremont Jones has appeared in three previous mysteries:The Strange Files of Fremont Jones,which won the Macavity Award for Best First Novel, and two bestselling sequels–Fire and FogandThe Bohemian Murders.Day, who now lives in San Francisco, is at work on her fifth Fremont Jones mystery,Death Train to Boston.

Fire and Fog: A Fremont Jones Mystery (

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