Holly Hunt – Man Hating Witch

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Alas I heard the voice of Holly Hunt, the mother of the adult criminal who had sexual intercourse with my minor child, and may have taken her across State lines to do so. For the first time I had a conversation with the grandmother of my grandson, Tyler Hunt, who has been lurking in the background pretending she is a self-righteous goddess worshipper, as her dark grunt son gets other women pregnant – and refuses to marry them!

I awoke from my Old Man nap with the picture of me pushing my newborn grandson in a baby buggy! I get SSI. It cost me all I had to get on the train and be there for my daughter – because Holly Hunt’s son refused to be at the hospital when Tyler Hunt was born! Outrageous! No wonder this dark evil witch never called me, yet, she takes full credit for being a living grandmother to my grandson. Enough! These irresponsible dysfunctional low-life women have helped to destroy the creative legacy of a world famous artist, who signed her work ‘Rosamond’ which is the name of the Sleeping Beauty Princess’. I informed Heather Hanson and her mother – who agreed to be my wife – that I could teach Christine’s niece how to render beautiful women in the style of Rosamond, because her legion of fans want OUR FAMILY TO SUCEED, and not the outside Witch Parasites who fornicate with dark ignorant men – for kicks!

About time I got REAL CLOSE to this evil bitch and let her know she and the other witches do not get to un-born me because of the evil dark grunt dildos they opened their legs to – hate art and poetry. It’s written all over their mean mugs. They want to pound on poets and artists! Then, they put flowers in their bonnets and run about like Fairies to the She goddess! Bullshit! Holly Hell answers;


“Who is this?”

“The owner!”

“Is your name Holly?”


“This is John Presco. I want to interview you for my autobiography. When did you first learn your adult son was having sex with my minor daughter.”


I know there are many fathers out there who are in my shoes. These witches are Baby-nappers! They hate men, but love babies. They snatch up babies and create Covens with them. This is what Vicki Presco and Stacey Pierrot set up with the help of Sydney Morris. When I die, my parents will be solely Heather’s grandparents. This is Wiccan Down-breeding done by damaged women who can not hide their psychosis from normal men, so they breed with ingrates who don’t care. This is why Heather came to believe that Drunken Flip would make a great surrogate father over her real father, because I had failed to make her a BIG STAR after being in her life for eight years. I told her OUR STORY was the miracle story that Rosamond fans wanted. She runs away to Vicki – the criminal – who allowed Lynch to take all bragging rights away from our mother who gave birth to TWO TALENTED CHILDREN.

More Lies About My Family | Rosamond Press

I took Ryan, Heather, and two of their friends to the Oakland Museum to see paintings of old Oakland, and they thought I had gone out of my way to insult them, make them look stupid. I gave them all a lesson on what to do in a museum, and that really pissed them off. This is when Ryan and Heather ruled I was unfit to be their Party Daddy.

“I thought you said your father was a hippy! You told me and my mom were going to get a big pile of art money!”

You can see how bright Tyler looks. They are forcing him to tone down his BRIGHTNESS. This is criminal. This is why I called that evil witch, to let her know she is not invisible – nor her Dark Boy!

I took my offspring to Vallejo’s house and told her our kin, John Fremont, took California from this dude – and Mexico- and there are two famous Benton muralists in our family tree. When I compared my plight to Jack London’s widow fighting to keep outsiders from stealing Jack’s legacy, Heather’s mother accused me of saying OUR daughter gets all her talent from me – AND MY GENETICS! Patrice Hanson, of the She-demon cult – had Holly’s son living with her for free while he spent all his money fixing up his car to be a low-rider. At dinner time, Ryan was incapable of having a common conversation. Then, Heather tells her cult that I have a condition that does not allow me to get along with people. It has been a up-hill battle – that I lost! I admit it! These ingrate uncultured morons – have defeated the United States -and they know it!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

General Vallejo – City of Sonoma (sonomacity.org)
Julie Lynch Slanders My Dead Mother | Rosamond Press

When did you first learn your ADULT son, Ryan  Hunt, was having sexual relations with my MINOR daughter, Heather Hanson? Did you approve of your son crossing State lines with my MINOR child to visit Vicki Presco who our niece is accusing of criminal fraud? Did you approve of my MINOR daughter disappearing from my life, and un-inviting me to her graduation that she went to with your son – an adult drug addict – who gets women pregnant, and refuses to marry them? Your son is the mentally ill criminal – not me! You backed his criminal behavior. You helped turn my grandson against me – you man-hating witch!

With the arrival of close to 200 immigrants, and the party of 60 topographical engineers lead by Colonel John C. Fremont in late 1845, mutual suspicion increased between the Californios and the American settlers.   In early March 1846, Col. Fremont raised an American flag near the Mission of San Juan Bautista, greatly offending General Castro who promptly ordered him out of California.  When General Vallejo heard of this incident, he had no choice as a Californio official but to heap criticism on Fremont’s actions. This response, in turn, offended most American settlers.

Both Fremont’s defiance and Vallejo’s response increased a rebellious stance among the settlers. But still more important were the threats that were issued by General Castro, now the new commandant general.  Castro stated that he would block the entry of more Americans into northern California and forbid the sale of land to unnaturalized foreigners.  He simultaneously ordered the recent American settlers to leave California without their livestock or possessions on pain of death.  Yet just a few weeks later, General Vallejo spoke out strongly at a council in Monterey in favor of annexation by the United States as the best option for California. The council fully recognized their own military weakness, that support from Mexico was very unlikely, and that their land was coveted by foreign nations. Yet they were not agreed on the best course of action.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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