The Lily of The Rose King

I have complete acceptance for my daughter and grandchildren on a level that transcends normal conceptions of what a family is about. Here is the linage that appeared while looking at my DNA. It is being challenged. Never-the-less it EXISTED. I believe on a Divine Plane which I am being MOVED TO because my mundane existence has been utterly corrupted with the help my dark brother, who is concealing the fact of his existence. Is he alive – or dead. Wolf Larsen feared his brother called Death Larsen. If Mark Presco is alive, then he has seen this linage.

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The Conspiracy of Angels

A real miracle has taken place. When I responded to Heather’s Confession in my last post, I chose at random a video Margaret Starbird made in 2005. I had not listened to it – ever! After my last post, I did listen – and was amazed! Starbird talks about the Lily in the Song of Songs and days these passages are the root of her spiritual work. Really? Starbird was in the groups I was in, and had to have seen my posts on the possibility the Rosemondts were my ancestors, and the Rose Line that appear when and angel appear to me and told me I have a daughter. The Roozemonts were Swan Brethren.

My daughter Heather Marie Hanson, has made a very brave public confession. I forgive her in every way. She has done First Step by admitting she is powerless over the results…

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