The only Good Futurian – is a dead Futurian

Spooky Noodles and I are The New Monuments Men. In he New Iconography Wars, predicting who is going to be beheaded, bedicked, and bewitched, next, brings to the West a touch of the French Revolution. My play ‘Daughter Dead’ fits with these. The Laughing Lady and Playland – plays on. Follow the bounding ball in the De-Culturialization of the White Race, for, who else can you target. White Structures – are up. I now understand why I chose the non-descript Oaks Motel to entomb our famous – White Authors – it not occurring to me to go get James Baldwin. I must have got real busy when I was reading my trusty Eight Ball. Better late than never……JAMES BALDWIN IS AT THE OAKS MOTEL! 

I started a play about the Oaks Motel, but I got a great idea. A group of hip white writers in purgatory realize they are not moving on the Author’s Heaven, because they are guilty of what Jack London was guilty of, so they lure the spirit of James Baldwin to the Oaks Motel, where they do this strange Post Apology. I always want to do a Waiting For Gadot. That skeptical look Baldwin gives them will make the audience roar in the isles on Broadway, as one by one they make their case. This will be the rebirth of Rhetoric.

The Post Apology

Jack (Jack) Presco

James Baldwin – Wikipedia

Rosamond Press

My man, Spooky Noodles, called me today, and informed me Lawrence Ferlinghetti is dead. I didn’t know. I will send the meat wagon to pick up his body-spirit and take him to the Oaks Motel. The way Spooky was talking….. I may be the last Bay Bohemian Standing.

I got another small book in the title ‘The Only Good Futurian – Is A Dead Futurian’ that is inspired by Ferlin’s death. It’s about a Jewish family in Vienna that descend from Aaronic Priesthood and have increased their ability to go into the future with every passing generation. The problem is, they don’t like what they see, and the males end up killing themselves – which freaks everyone out. So, everyone does their best to ignore the whole linage, which causes more suicides. They can’t stand the isolation while they do everything humanly possible to not – spill the beans –…

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