Daughter Dead – Again!

Hitler ‘The Prince of the White Supremist’ and author of Mein Kampf, reasoned he could grab all Good Germans by the short hairs, and get them to go along with his extermination of the Jews plan, if they allowed him to to do them a big favor, and clear out their basements of the mentally ill and retarded. This play was inspired by white folks in the Bay Area allowing the cops and FBI to clear out the hippies and the lovers of Free speech, because, they were white people – not acting like white people. The blacks had their civil rights thing. Did any of them march to protect the hippies? No! How about the gays? No! And now – Jack London – a leftist radical, has got to go! Turn out the lights, the Communist Party is over! Hey! Wait a minute! Didn’t the Japanese carry out their plan to exterminate the Chinese? Isn’t there a Japantown? Didn’t I just post on Hiroshima and the killing of many Asians, that was on Jack’s wish list? I made Patrice’s son by a Black Panther, my Heir. The Marin Shipmates idea – has saved Jack’s racist ass – in a prophetic MANner.

Threatening to sue many people for not helping me get my White Supremist brother out of the artistic legacy I SEEDED – is now the most epic story in the history of the Bay Area, being the Turnverein Germans of Belmont fought to free the slaves. It’s like the New Sistine Chapel. God asked for an atonement – and I was born during an amazing star-shower in Oakland. Everything is coming up roses for me!  I got an  Oakland Trilogy!

Wolf House

When my grandson, Tyler Hunt, were doing a painting together, Patrice Hanson, looked on with disgust. This goes back to our conversation at the ruins of Jack London’s Wolf House where I told my wife to be my families creative legacy was falling into the hands of outsiders the same way London’s legacy came to be owned by hostile outsiders. I told Patrice I am authoring a biography, and my rivals are inventing lies in their biogrphy of my famous sister, Rosamond. All of a sudden, Patrice says;

“Are you saying our daughter get all her talent from you?”

I got angry, for this woman, who had two sons by two fathers, did not allow me to be a father for sixteen years, and did her damnedest to have Heather believe she got all her gufts from her utterly un-gifted mother, who never was an artist, poet, or, writer. Patrice and her family are the people the Seer saw that come into my being and take – via my newborn daughter who Patrice put in the arms of famous parasite convicted of impersonating Bob Weir – twice!

The Rosemondts owned Wolf House in Brambant, and were part of a restoration of Frankish rule in theat area, which suggests they might be descended from Merovingians.

Jon Presco

The Wolf House
“Jack and his second wife Charmian’s dream home was planned even before their marriage. Actual work on it began April 1911. Albert Farr of San Francisco was the architect who transferred Jack’s ideas into blueprints. For earthquake protection, the building was put on a huge floating slab large enough to support a forty-story building. Redwood trees, fully clothed in their own bark, deep chocolate-maroon volcanic rocks, blue slate, boulders and cement were chosen for primary building materials. The roof was of Spanish tile and came from the N. Clark and Sons Pottery, built on the old Davenport place in Alameda. Large redwood trees, with the bark still intact, formed the carriage entrance, the pergolas, and porches. The rafters were of rough-hewn, natural logs. Tree trunks in the gables and balconies were interlaced with fruit twigs for a beautiful effect.”

Wolf House | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

Here is the play I was working on in 1997 after I moved from SHIPS housing on Kinkaid, to a quad owned by Talray. Hollis Williams and I became friends. He was working for Agripac. I took him to their annual picnic. They would be outraged to see how I have been treated by my neighbors and members of Whoville.

Yesterday, my friend, Casey Farrell brought up the notion he had when we first met in 1997, whether I had several people helping me with my study because I showed him so many projects I was working on. I had down a watercolor of Playland at the Beach and put a slit in it where I made a rising moon. This was a set design for ‘Daughter Dead’ which is about how the evangelical church was a threat to take over our Democracy via food handouts to the poor and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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