French Carrier Bombs ISIS

The West its on the verge of losing its power – everywhere!

With mission Clemenceau 21, the French Navy is deploying some of its most capable assets to areas of strategic interest: the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. The carrier strike group offers a range of capabilities, from simple deterrent presence to long-range strikes.

French Carrier Strike Group Begins 2021 Deployment – USNI News

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My friend’s great grandfather led the invasion of Algiers against the Caliph, Hussein Dey, who took French and American Merchantmen prisoner and sold them into slavery. France sent a aircraft carrier to bomb ISIS, who seek to own what Dey, had, proving;

“Every Dey has his day!”

Military jets from France’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier on Monday flew their first missions over Islamic State-controlled territories in Syria and Iraq and carried out their first airstrikes against ISIS

The jets have hit two Islamic State targets in Iraq, the French military said on Twitter.

The presence of 26 military aircraft aboard the Charles de Gaulle triples French forces in the region, adding to the 12 planes already stationed in the UAE and Jordan: six Rafale and six Mirage 2000 aircraft.

The Charles de Gaulle, France’s only aircraft carrier, was deployed in the Mediterranean on Saturday.

The start of the carrier’s…

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