The Rose of Faramond

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

I am poised to author a series of Romantic Historic-Fiction books. I threatened to do this in a Templar group in 1998, and Dan Brown was eavesdropping. My late sister, and our kin Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, has a ROSE in the middle of their name, and everyone is too stupid to exploit it – but me! But, I have no money, power, connections. I am surrounded by three billionaires who read some of this blog, but, they are too stupid and afraid to deal with me. Casey Farrell has a theory that I am a threat to them, and, if I would just back off, not be so excited and paranoid, they will be nice and kind to me, even give me some money!

As God is my witness….they will never give me a goddamn dime, because they know who I am, and what I got. I am Paris, and I got Helen of Troy. Faramond is said to descend from the Trojans, as does King Henry 2 who put Rosamond in a bower, because……..SHE DESCENDS FROM TROJANS!

I am going to post images of THE WILD IRISH ROSE till I am blue in the face!

I told Casey I have every right to be paranoid. I have powerful enemies. And, I have taken some mighty blows, none mightier than having Rena Easton putting the Deputy Sheriff on me.

“If I had not come on so strong, I was going to ask her to send me some old photos so I could do some paintings from them. I was going to found another Rosamond Line, and carry on my sister’s fashion show.”

An hour ago, I found images like US, what it was like to be with the most beautiful woman in the world camping in paradise for fifty days. We went to OUR beach about ten miles above Jenner, and this is what we looked like. I was going to buy a cheap camera, but, did not want to spoil the purity of our….?????

I am going to do a post on the Rosamond Scarlet O’hara of Oklahoma, that I just discovered means “red people”. Scarlet is another word used ‘The Scarlet People of the Earth’. Tara! Rothmond. Rothmund ‘the red protection’.

Rena Christensen is Danish, and of the Cimbri – for sure! She knows who she is, and threw me to the Greek and Roman Dogs – to save herself. I began a portrait of her as Rosamond! Christine met Rena and knew what I was doing when she saw my painting of her. I was building a Monument To Love, as a male heterosexual. Heterosexual omen look at other women to do the same thing. Consider the Bronte Sisters who may have died virgins.

Artistic Development of Gutzon Borglum | Rosamond Press

If Redskins change name, should Oklahoma change its name too? | Oklahoma City


Posted on June 11, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is Rosemonde of Hollywood Royalty.


“That which I was obliged to tell you of the beauty of Rosemonde,
in recounting to you what fashion she appeared to the eyes of my
master, hindered me from extending something upon that of Albisinda:
but I may tell you with truth, that if Rosemonde were not in the
world, perhaps there would be nothing more beautiful then that
Princess; and that next to Rosemonde, she has those particular
charms, which nothing can withstand: she has without doubt has less
splendor and Majesty than the Princess of the Cambrians.”

The name Rosamund means “horse protection”. The names Hengest and
Horsa means “stallion” and “stud” respectively. These twin brothers
were Jutes from Jutland where the Cimmerians came to dwell.  Gauthier
de Costes de la Calprenede is said to have written the first historic
romance novel when 1668 he compiled the history of the Merovingian
Frankish Kings in ‘Faramond’. Within we have an account of
Pharamond’s love for Rosemonde, the Cambrian princess whose tribe,
the Cimri, are mentioned in the Bible, they associated with the Royal
Scythians and the people of the ‘Prince of Rosh’ that Ezekiel
prophecised against in chaper 38. They are the horseman of the
Russian Steppes who would form the Celtic peoples when they moved
west. The ancestors of the Merovingians are kin to the Cimri, who
they chased into Asia, all the way to Ceylon India. The Royal Scots
claim in the ‘Arbroath’ they are descended from theCimri, a name that
means “red”, or “rouge”.

“Pharamond was a legendary Frankish king, possibly a historical ruler
of the fifth century. His life parallels that of Vortigern and
Arthur. Indeed, one can make a case Arthur was modeled after
Pharamond. In Arthurian romance he was a freedman (a slave who had
been setfree) who seized the French throne. He came in disguise to
Arthur’s court, for Arthur was an enemy, but his disguise was
penetrated. His daughter, Belide, was enamored of Tristan, who did
not requite herpassion, thereby causing her to die of a broken heart.
Pharamond provided a refuge for Tristan and Gorvenal after the of
Meliodas. Ariosto tells us that Tristan defeated Pharamond’s son,
Clodion, in combat . According to a non-Arthurian romance of the
seventeenth century, Pharamond was enamored of Rosemonde, daughter of
the King of the Cimbri. Gauthier de Costes de la Calprenede is the
said father/inventor of Historic-Romance, and his ‘Pharamond’ has
Rosemonde as the centerpiece of his story. ”

I am looking at the possibility Rosamund ‘Hrosmund’  is kin to the
horse goddess, Epona for the fact reliefs of her were nailed to the
centerpost of barns, and fresh garlands of roses hung about her image
for protection of the barns and the horses within. This may be the
source of the Rosary, a means of protection from the plague. Barns
were prone to catch barn due to lightening strikes and spontaneous

If history in the last two thousands years had been written by
horses, rather then by the celebate fathers of Saint Paul, the lying
Pharisee for the Herodians, then one would behold the origional
Nazarite church going forth on horseback to all parts of the world,
even China, spreading the teaching of the Parthian ‘King of Kings’.
The Chinese called the Parthian horses “dragons”, no doubt Rouge
Dragaons of the Scythians and Cimri.

One author associates the Cimmerians to Tolkien’s horseman of Rohan.
Another suggestes the Cimri are the ‘Rose Line’ made famous by Dan
Brown. Allow me to tweak his code device, and reveal to you the APPLE
is a member of the ROSE family, and thus as a MAGIcian, I turn the
apple into a rose. Now, whom PROTECTED this real ROSELINE?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2007

“In this light, I can make a suggestion to all who perceive the Rose
Line as stemming through the Merovingian Franks (i.e. to the De
Bouillon family): that’s only a part of the story, while another part
is the Scandinavian right to the Rose Line, just as much or more than
the Merovingians. Those who would buck against this suggestion should
know right here and now that the Merovingians worshipped Wotin/Odin
and other gods worshipped by the Scandinavians. Plus, while there are
many Scandinavians who freely claim descent from Cimmerians having
settled proto-Hungary en route to founding Denmark and Sweden, it
just so happens that the Merovingian Franks descdended from
Sicambrian Franks. Sicambria was named after the Cimmerians, and it
was a city located in proto-Hungary. That is, it looks a lot like the
Sicambrian Franks were one and the same stock, the Danes, Swedes, and
other Scandinavians.


Victoria Beach

Posted on July 8, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Rena was the muse to two California Artists. Christine Rosamond would not have become a world famous artist if  I had not rescued Rena Victoria Easton, by the sea – twice! She would go on to marry Admiral Sir Ian Easton who flew a Fairey Fulmer off an aircraft carrier in WW2.

Rena is right out of a Black Mask comic book. I am certain that is writer, Arthur Barnes, and John K. Butler in the camping photo where a unnamed writer brandishes a hand gun. I will be sending this to Parks department in order to get the unnamed beach named after Rena, and the Queen, in honor of War and Sea Romance.

When I first lay eyes on Rena, she was hiding her fear. War creates fear. One had to overcome your fear in order to defeat your enemy. We only found out three years ago we had the same enemy. Rena is ruled by Mars, and I, by Venus. We are a hundred and eighty degrees apart. We were Yin and Yang atop our mountain, searching for Peace and Serenity while war raged in Vietnam. Rena fought me as she fought her fears. We are epic.

Rena may have married an Admiral and lived on the Isle of Wight in order to get over her fear of the sea. Is there a monument to the joint effort to defeat the enemy in the Pacific Theatre? Ian was in charge of making sure America and Britain would be allies, forever!

Last night, world leaders listened to Beethoven’s 9th. Rena is a Aries, the god of war. She is my Damsel in Distress. I rescued her and helped her combat her epic fears. One could stand on Victoria Beach, and imagine a squardron of Spitfires flying out to sea to meet a wave of Nazi bombers in the battle of Britain. Beauty has been captured once again by the forces of evil. Our beautiful women need to be protected fro The Beast!

Christine Rosamond and Rena met. My sister looked deep into her. What she saw was her own fear and abuse, but it was hidden. They are like sisters. That outsiders were given THEIR STORY by an attorney associated with Alcohol Justice, is a true travesty, because it kept THE TRUTH down in a dungeon. Two beautiful artists and their beautiful muse – did not deserve this fate. Rena says in her letter her brother exhibited mental illness, and has disappeared. I have been disappeared because the truth can be frightening. I am just the messenger.

Victory over our fears! Peace…… last!

Mary Morton Rosemond of Iowa

Posted on July 9, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

When I read the following this morning, the book, and movie ‘Gone With The Wind’ came to mind.

“The couple had nine children; eight girls and but one son — Martin — who served with Lucas County boys in Company C of the 13th Iowa Infantry and died in service in 1862. When James Roseman died in 1887, there was nobody by the name of Roseman left in the county.”

Thanks to my kin, Charles M. Wright, I was able to find the Western branch of the Rosemond-Rosemond-Rosemond family that descends from James Roseman, Phillip Rosemond, and Moses Morton Rosemond. Add to this branch my grandfather Frank W. Rosamond, and his four daughters, June, Bertha, Rosemary, and Lillian, and the Western Rosamond family, is complete.

I have chosen Mary Morton Rosemond t ground all the Rosy families, because she is a trained Librarian and State Archivist. If she were alive, she would be doing what I and Jimmy Rosamond have been doing for many years. The Rosemond family is mentioned in several history books, none more tragic then the Record of Iowa Soldiers. Why did they let Martin join The War of the Rebellions? He was surrounded by eight beautiful sisters who loved him dearly. He got wound, and was discharged. He came home and died shortly of his wound. What a heartbreak to say goodbye. He was handsome, and, perhaps too effeminate? Did he, and others believe he would come home……….a man. A Rose Man?

There are some profound parallels between the history of The Gone With The Wind, and the Roseman family who were pioneers. They Came from Ireland, and went West. Their name is gone, but their DNA is all over Iowa, including the bloodline to the Wieneke of Iowa. Frank Weseley Rosamond married Mary Magdalene Wieneke, and thus another Mary M. Rosamond. What is in a name? Did Mary Rosemond ever dream one of her kin would become one of the most famous Movie Stars of all time? Then there is my sister’s famous works of art, she know all over the world for her images of beautiful women. Christine Rosamond Benton used her middle name to sign her work, thus giving this name new life. I suspect Mary Morton gathered all her Roses around her, and this monument, with, just the name.

I am kin to Richard Burton who Ian Fleming wanted to play the first James Bond. Liz Taylor is kin to Fleming via Aeilene Getty. The Getty family have founded famous libraries, archives, and museums.

Jon Presco

At the residence of his mother, Mrs. M. J. Johnson, 512 East Capitol Avenue, Sunday morning, Jan. 22, 1900, at 8:45 o’clock, of lung trouble, Frank W. Rosemond, aged 25 years, 6 months, and 7 days. Mr. Rosemond had been in failing health for a year, and for the past three weeks had been confined to his bed. He was born in Ohio, had resided in Springfield for fifteen years, and formed the acquaintance of a large circle of friends by whom he was held in high esteem. He is survived by his mother and three sisters, Mrs. T. M. Taylor, of Centerville, Ia.; Mrs. L. A. Duckworth of St. Louis, and Miss Mabel Rosemond of Springfield. The funeral will take place from the residence Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock. The services will be conducted by the Rev. J. E. Lynn, pastor of the Christian church, and the remains will be interred in Oak Ridge cemetery. Publ. in Illinois State Register, Springfield, IL, 1-29-1900

Charles M. Wright said…

I was curious when I read that Elizabeth Taylor was born in England but both of her parents were born in the United States so I Googled the actresses’ name. When I then read that her paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Mary Rosemond, my interest was piqued. My Great-Grandmother’s maiden name was Rosemond. (Many, but not all of the family changed the spelling to Roseman after they came to America from Ireland. Hereafter I will use the spelling Roseman for James and his family.)

It didn’t take long, using my genealogy, and other sources to discover that my Great-Great-Grandfather James Roseman (1800-1887) who lies buried in the Bethel Cemetery in Cedar Township, was an older brother of Elizabeth Taylor’s Great-Great-Grandfather Philip Rosemond (1804-1850). Elizabeth Taylor was my 4th cousin!

James Roseman, his wife Anne and two young daughters left County Leitrim, Ireland in 1831 and sailed to America following others of the Rosemond clan who had earlier been “warned out” because of their Huguenot ancestry. They first settled among Rosemond kin in Guernsey County, Ohio where my Great-Grandmother Mary Ann Roseman Wright was born in 1832. The family moved to Iowa in 1850 and appear in the 1856 Iowa census of Muscatine County. James purchased land in Cedar Township, Lucas County in March, 1857 and settled his family near daughter Mary Ann Roseman Wright whose husband David S. Wright had come to the county and purchased 80 acres of land n Cedar and Pleasant Townships in 1856. Anne, the wife of James Roseman, died in 1859 and was among the earliest burials in the Bethel Cemetery. The couple had nine children; eight girls and but one son — Martin — who served with Lucas County boys in Company C of the 13th Iowa Infantry and died in service in 1862. When James Roseman died in 1887, there was nobody by the name of Roseman left in the county.

You can see photos of James Roseman, his son Martin Roseman, daughter Mary Ann Roseman Wright, and son-in-law Stephen Julian among the memorials posted in the Bethel Cemetery on

Portrait and Biographical History of Guernsey County, Ohio
Published:  Chicago: C. O. Owen & Co.,


THE ROSAMOND FAMILY, whose history forms so large a part of that of the vicinity of Fairview, is a German origin.  The first ancestor who can be identified came from Hamburg, Germany, and, having been a Drill-Sergeant in the army, was carried to the British Isles by King William the Third.  His wife accompanied him upon the passage, and it is related that at the conclusion of one of the battles of that time this woman was seen turning over upon the field the bodies of the slain, looking for her husband; but he, having escaped death, saw her and hailed her, whereupon at the sound of his voice she exclaimed, “If that be you, I will turn over no more;” and the result was that she was permitted to remain with him throughout the campaign.
The Rosamond family in Ireland centered about the villages of Drumshanbo and Ballinamore, in County Leitrim, and the men were farmers and linen-weavers.  At the conclusion of the battles waged by King William, his officer of this name was offered a township of land in this vicinity, to be held forever without rent, but he refused it; and the reply made to him, that his children would curse him for the refusal, has come down with the traditions of the family.
In 1796 Philip Rosamond emigrated to America, spending some time in Philadelphia, Pa., and first settling near St. Clairsville, but removing to a farm just west of Fairview, at what was, and sometimes still is, called Fletcher, where he kept the first state office and office on the Zane Trail, between Wheeling and Zanesville.  The town of Fairview was not then laid out.  A few years later he was joined by his brother Martin, and in 1841 their brother William (father of Edward Rosamond, of Cumberland) followed, but contracted on the voyage an illness, which soon ended fatally.  The wife of Philip was Mary Bennett.  To them were born ten children: Nancy, James, Mary, Martin, Fanny, Eliza, Jane, Edward, Margaret and William, none of whom are living.  James, born March 17, 1788, was a merchant, with stores at Fairview, New Birmingham (Milnersville) and New Comerstown.  At Birmingham he was associated with John Orme, now of Cambridge, and at New Comerstown with James Dent.  Of his children, Margaret married William C. Browne, then a merchant at Fairview, later of Cadiz, and now a banker at New Philadelphia; Sarah A., or “Tal,” married Harrison R. Pumphrey, of Croton, Licking County; Mary married Edward McMackin; and James Henry married Amanda M. Campbell; but all are now dead except Suc T., who lives unmarried, at Croton, Ohio.  Hattie, daughter of Margaret, married William H. Hunter, one of the proprietors of the Steubenville Gazette, and lives in that city.  Of Mary‘s children, William alone survives, at Cincinnati.  Fred L. Rosemond, only child of James Henry, is a practicing attorney at Cambridge.
Tracing the descendants of others of Philip‘s children, we find that the following children of Fanny, Mrs. Thompson, survive:  William and Florence, of the city of Columbus; of Jane, who married Rev. Thomas J. Taylor, a preacher of note, Frances, wife of John W. Umstot, of Senecaville, and Martha, Mrs. Talbot, of Albuquerque, N. M.  Fannie‘sgrandchildren are: Ada, May and Frank R. Smith; Mrs. Thomas G. Kerr, of Cambridge; and William Smith, of Mt. Gilead, children of Ebenezer and Eliza Smith.  The children of Edward (Canada Ed) are Dr. W. B. Rosamond, of Milnersville; Mrs. Mary Craig, widow of John Craig, of Washington; Mrs. Fannie Shipley, widow of Samuel Shipley, of Fairview; James R. Rosamond, of Hendrysburgh; and Margaret, wife of Thomas Blaser, of Oxford Township.
Another brother of the first Philip who came to Guernsey County was Edward, who married Sarah Dowler.  Both died in Cambridge and are buried in the old cemetery there.  Of their six children, one was Nancy, who married Jesse Barkis and afterward Thomas Ruckle, and one of whose children by the former marriage is Mrs. Julia Davis, relict of James Davis, of Cambridge; another was James, father of Mrs. Melissa Romans, of Quaker City; and another was the Edward known as “Morristown Ed.”
While the spelling of the family name among these persons varies from Rosamond through Rosemond to Roseman, it is believed from the forms of the name found in the European languages that Rosemond most nearly conforms to the original.
SOURCE #2 – Portrait and Biographical History of Guernsey County, Ohio – Published:  Chicago: C. O. Owen & Co., 1895
 – Page 314

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