Wade and Lillie Mae Rosmond With Ghost Town

Bringing it all back home.

Rosamond Press

My daughter’s birthday was September 26th. the same as my mothers. Heather Hanson is reworking her facebook image and history that does not include me, again. This immaculate conception honors her two mothers, and exalts her love of Nashville and Country Western Music. She never made a dime singing Country, yet she presents herself as a pillar of this music that has its roots in the South, where Heather’s Rosamond lineage hail. However, because I caught her going behind my back to get in my famous sister’s bio, and, she turns out to be pregnant and un-married, I had to be excised from her Fabulous Facebook Family Bio so her Stage Mother can look good, because, Patrice Hanson orchestrated this historic travesty that removes the biological father, and replaces me with the infamous ‘Bogus Bobby’ and a shit-load of fantasy and insanity.  Patrice stole my child I did not know…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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