The Bohemian Knight Under White Mountain

In every way I am The King of The Bohemians.

Elisabeth von Pezold, née Princess of Schwarzenberg-Frauenberg | Rosamond Press

I have been in touch with Oscar’s offspring for many years. Mark Presco did make contact, and told the Presco genealogist – I do not exist! Mark is dead, or has disappeared himself. Thus I am the head of th family that my daughter claimed is “dead” so she and the Hansons can rule. But, there is such a thing as a cadet branch. Render Heather Hanson a male usurper, and you get the Big Picture. Only people of royal blood would go throught these dramas – even  they are NOT aware of their lineage or not. There is something in the blood. Mark is not aware of this Bohemian line – till now – if he is alive?

I have long considered joining the Masons. I found my BRANCH.

Cadet branch – Wikipedia 

King John of Bohemia

Obituary for Oscar R. PRESCO (Aged 79) –

The history of California Bodies, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: San Francisco, California, (1902-1962): Gordon F. Black: Books

Sacramento Scottish Rite

Presco Family History

Posted on March 6, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

  • I think Oscar Presco was named after Oscar Wilde and his brother after the writer Victor Hugo, who had to see the earthquake, too. Oscar built a boat and raced it in the bay. He was the Master Mason of his lodge. They had to know the Buck family.

Rosamond Press

My Bohemian Knights have ridden forth from under White Mountain. I am of the lost Bohemian lineage. My kin played a role in California almost becoming a Prussian Kingdom. I can carry forth any and all Ring Legends. Here is my Rose Line to the Rosenberg and Schwarzenberg family – and the Seinsheims – that were supposed to have died out in 1958. But the Rosamond family is linked to them. After I sent a message to Karl saying the lineage was a alive, this line was attacked by a man who said he was a Wilson. He got one person to change his chart, where a grandfather is now a grandmother. But, I saw this coming and made several copies of what appeared – like a miracle! This is a true Grail Story! My 8th. grandfather is buried in Saint Georges Chapel where Knights of the Garter had stalls…

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