Republican Party Can Not Be Saved

I predicted the demise of the Republican Party in THIS BLOG for many years. I was right. However, if I add that I am a prophet, then my enemies – and friends – attack me! Why my friends? Because they are Liberal Educated Agnostics that believe truth is arrived at via reason and logic. Well, how come they didn’t see the demise of the Republican Party? Because, they refused to believe Jesus-Freaks had, or would have – any political power…..that competes with THEIR POWER! Did I get that right? They are Anti-Religious, and, religious fanatics worked that. This was a manufactured BLIND SPOT sustained by the enemy of Religious Nuts! Read the work of Marcus Aurelius, who my brother is name after. I read this masterpiece in 2001 on the train on the way to visit my daughter. I put my copy in my End of the World backpack so I could read it as the world ends in a self-fulfilled prophecy, a Doomsday invented by evangelicals that invented QAnon. The head of the Roman Stoics said;

“Let us pass a law that gives these Christians enough rope to hang themselves!

I rest my case.

John Presco Titular Head of the Republican’ Party founded by my kin, John Fremont

Avlon: Pence’s op-ed is ‘way worse than Stockholm syndrome’ (

Marcus Aurelius (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

In 1994, Joe Scarborough was elected to Congress as part of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s Republican revolution, which saw the party make sweeping gains across the country.

During a Friday appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the conservative-turned-independent MSNBC host of “Morning Joe” rebuked the party that he called home for decades.

Maher was blunt when questioning Scarborough about his political metamorphosis.

“Honestly, tell me about this,” Maher asked. “You’re an independent now. So, what does that say? To me, it says that you think the Republican Party is unsavable.”

Scarborough, a frequent critic of former President Donald Trump, basically agreed with Maher.

“Unsavable – no doubt about it,” replied Scarborough. “It can’t be saved.”

“I used to get attacked by liberals because I was a conservative; now, I’m getting attacked by people who voted for a fascist because I’m a conservative,” he said of Trump. “You know, my friends and my family members, they all voted for him, and it’s been hard for me to process

The False Promise of Stoicism (

Popular treatments of Stoicism universally stress the Stoics’ point that some things are “up to us” and other things are not up to us, and that it’s crucially important to distinguish correctly between these. Many of today’s advocates of Stoicism cite the famous Serenity Prayer to capture what they take to be the essence of this point: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

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