Why Was Mark Chosen?

I do not know if my older brother, Mark Presco, is alive or dead. He did not call me up and tell me Vicki Presco was dying, and was dead. Mark knew nothing about our family history, yet, if he contacted the Belmont Historical Society – they would have thrown open the Gold Gates to Belmont, and welcomed home their Parodical Son. I am positive I was EXAMINED – screened by the BHS to see if I had the right stuff, was, like them in many ways – and my politics matched! To their horror, they say I was their collective opposite. They delayed posting my history – while they figured out what to do. This constitutes a conspiracy to deprive of my Civil Liberties. Royal Rosamond Press is a registered newspaper in Lane County. They knew this.

With the death of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, I fall back to my kin, Jessie Benton-Fremont, as the co-founder of Bohemianism in the Bay Area. Eight years ago I read an article about Evangelicals buying the book ‘Fountainhead – by the ton! This book is placed near their Bible. Why? Prosperity Gospel is bringing them in the Big Tent. If you follow King Jesus – he will make you very rich. Mark is a millionaire who told me he does not pay taxes because he does not want “N….Parasites” to get his money. If he is dead, he has found a way to leave his money to our kin – without any of his enemies knowing. Evanelicals believed that Trump was going to cut their taxes. An FBI report says the majority of Insurrectionists were about forty, and were businessmen – and not neo-Nazis.

John Presco



Arrest Newt Gingrich For Treason | Rosamond Press

Trump – GET OUT!

Posted on August 20, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press



Dr. Albert Speer (left), Hitler’s chief architect, presents his model of the German Pavilion, designed for the World’s Fair in Paris in 1937. Date: 1937

Mark 1979 on Grand Canyon Rim

Trump is doing Hitler. Trump is doing Mark Presco who did not inform me our father was dead, and our mother was dying, because he ruled I was a parasite on society. Here is Mark labeling many American ‘parasites’ including women. Jessie Benton Fremont was a pioneer in the Woman’s Movement. Mark asked me to include parts of his blog in my biography about a world famous female artist that is know for her images of beautiful women. Trump prides himself on the beautiful women he has bonded with that obviously do not care about equality.



Mark Presco conspired with Vicki Presco, Stacey Pierrot, and Jacci Belford, to steal the creative legacy that Christine Rosamond Benton left her two daughters, Shannon Rosamond, and, Drew Benton. Drew is related to the artist Thomas Hart Benton, who  is compared to Jack London. His grandfather was Senator Thomas Hart Benton, whose daughter, Jessie, married John Fremont, a co-founder of the Republican Party, and its first candidate for President of the United States. John also co-founded the Radical Democracy Party, and was its candidate for President, but he dropped out to keep the racist Democrats out of the White House. John was backed by radical Germans, Forty-Eighters, who complained about Lincoln’s tardiness in backing the Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendment.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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