John Wayne – Down!

Last July I posted on what can be called a premonition with good powers of deduction. I and other journalists need to be studied by Congress in regards to the Capitol Insurrection.

Rosamond Press

John Wayne hated the Hippies, and we hated him. This is good -today! It was not so good back then when millions of American’s heard Wayne tear into us, especially after he made the movie ‘The Green Barrets’ . Today, John’s memory s being dragged down and evicted from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Did Reagan go there? He hated hippies too because they were against The War in Vietnam – which we hippies called a White Supremist War against the Asian Race. Was Wayne made the modern torch barer for Manifest Destiny?

My kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton called for Whites to marry the Chinese. He was defamed at the Oregon State University. The Benton brothers got into gun and pistol fight with Andrew Jackson and his bunch – in the streets! Wayne’ was a Draft Dodger!

This morning I googled to see if…

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