I Sued A Getty – And Won!

With the help of my therapist I was able to handle one incredible problem at a time. Three weeks ago I finished reading Tom Snyder’s bio ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ and am appalled. The bio of my world famous sister – is Garth Benton’s book, and, a continuation of the Benton divorce conducted before the same judge that handled that vicious affair. I have been debating whether I should show the world of art two pages that assassinated Christine and her parents – along with Shannon Rosamond’s father. Artist’s bio never do what was done. Only after establishing our family history in Belmont and Crockett is there anything redeeming in exposing the horror story – that should be destroyed! https://rosamondpress.com/2020/12/26/i-sued-a-getty-and-won/

Rosamond Press

I Sued A Getty – And Won!


John Presco

Copyright 2020

There are not too many people that can say they won a lawsuit against a Getty – and won! Garth Benton is one of those people. Alcohol Justice sued several of my Getty kin – and lost. The Buck funded organization is still going after Governor, Gavin Nuesom, who is a friend of my family. It has been proven that Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my cousin. Andrew Getty is her grandson.

On Christmas day my niece and I had a long conversation. Shannon Rosamond told me she was inside the Getty mansion for a couple of weeks help her step-father render the mural that Ann and Gordon painted over – without consulting the artis. Shannon described how this work was designed to be removed – and moved! She also told me she was working on a contract with…

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