Rosey Montana Opens Fire!

Here is my prophetic post of ten months ago. I told my therapist I am a seer and Prophet, and my face glows when I am deep in study. I got a blood sugar reading of 94, the best one in several years. My anxiety level is way down as I deal with the huge problems that have plagued me, and, after what I saw coming – arrived.

Rosamond Press

Rena is an Aries. All hell has broken out in Montana where she lives. Yesterday I joined the ‘Montana Liberty Rally’….and they opened fire – the women of Montana. They implied I was drunk and insane – off my meds! You know the drill….The American Woman is extremely ugly! and they don’t care, because they have bonded with ugly male Gun Grunts who pretend to be Loyal Cowboys for Jesus’.

I put a hypothetical question to the Protectors of Their Children;

“There is a scene in the movie ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ where Atticus shoots a rabid dog. What if you took your kids to the park and a drunk came at them shouting; “I got the flue and I’m going to cough in your face and give it to you!”. What would you do?”

Not being readers, these proud and ignorant women took vicious shots at me. Their Goo-goo…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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