Masque Of The Rouge Death

Did Ludwig Wettgenstein read Poe? This question will be a paper. Ludwig is The Phantom of the Opera – wearing the Black Mask. Erik is from a famous Austrian family, and is a Jew who gives up his wealth and runs away with the circus. I showed my friend, Mark Gall, my family connection to Ludwig, and he encouraged my madness, He is my Theo. I am off to paint black crows in the rye.

Mark Gall>
To:Jon Presco
Sat, Feb 13 at 7:32 PM
Well, Jon, be like Ludwig and create something new and important. I’m still trying to do that myself. I’ve published a lot, but nothing that has had a strong impact on the field of education. I’m still trying, though.

M. D. “Mark” Gall

Rosamond Press

At 11:30 A.M. I discovered in the Rose Labyrinth a story by Edgar Allen Poe ‘The Masque of the Red Death’. This work appears in a essay by Jane Goodall who is famous for her work with monkeys. Jane employs Antonin Artaud in her work who in 1933 wrote ‘The Theater and the Plague’.  The poet Michael McClure wrote a book of poetry dedicated to Artaud, and it looks like he turned Jim Morrison on to these strange ideas that now consume the lives of everyone on the planet. My literary treatment of the coronavirus may constitute the first attempt to define our collective experience in a creative and literary manner. Have artists done paintings of the plague? I am taking a second looks at what you might call Rock Literature as a device to take us to a new world that is no longer a preference, but a necessity.

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