The Mournful Wail of The Lost Mothers

The discovery that THE MAN WITH A GUN is Norbert Davis – catipults me to the top of todays Mystery Writers, especially since I have proven I am kin to Ian Fleming, who wanted my kin, Richard Burton, to star in the first James Bond movie. This is a divine anointment – from beyond the grave that is an addition to all the recent novels written about Mary Magdalene. It is rumored Dan Brown and his wife eavesdropped on a Templar yahoogroup that Bill Arney was a member of.

Bill Arney, Hammett, Royal Rosamond

Posted on February 18, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

“I think it is good that Bill Arney, and others, step forth and
protect the era of Napoleon, but not from me, not at my expence, as I am beside myself to protect certain aspects of this era, one being the writing of my late sister’s biography, one of two in the works. Christine Rosamond Presco has sold more art then any artist alive or dead.”

Here is a paragraph from the e-mail I posted in Templar-yahoogroup in 2001. My seventeen year old daughter has been disappeared and is trying to get in the rival biography. I am defending myself from an attack by Bill Arney who came to San Francisco to “reinvent himself”. Ian Sinclair, and other Sinclairs were reinventing themselves and were employed by Dan Brown to reinvent Mary Magdalene whose scholarly tools were hidden at Rosslyn Chapel, the source of the “rose line” some say.

Da Vinci was a famous male artist. My late sister ‘Rosamond’ was a famous female artist. Bill, nor his crew of fake Franciskers, did not want to acknowledge Christine, or the fact Royal taught Erl Stanley Gardner to write. With the mysterious death of Tracy Twyman, I begin a new investigation into these mysteries that suggest Mary begat the Merovingians, one who is named ‘Rosamunde’. A ghost is summoned. Arney gets a lot of attention as a…..non-writer! He is a usurper. Some accuse Dan and his wife of eaves-dropping on our groups that I bothered to archive……some of it! What we said – is lost!

I was attacked by suggesting Napoleon was trying to reestablish the Merovingian line (rose line) with Josephine. The sec0nd War of the Roses was underway. Is Twyman a victim of this war? Was she following the descendants of Josephine like I have?

John Presco

Copyright 2020éphine

Rosamond Press

For Our Eyes Only


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Victoria Bond chose to take the train to London to see Clive Rougemont. She needed time to think. She deduced she and Miriam Starfish Christling were in deep shit. How deep, was not the question. Victoria wrote this on her yellow legal pad;

“How deep do you want to go!”

That’s when she heard Miriam’s mournful waling that caught up with the whistle of the train at every crossing, proving a mathematical relativity that only her dear lover could fathom. Victoria felt quaking in her throat as she knew her beloved Wild Woman was doing everything she could to keep this question, down;

“Are you going to betray me, my love?”

The heat of her tears began to blur her mission, which was to Deprogram herself.  She took about BAD’s treatment on David Hume’s Guillotine, which was the prescribed moral and…

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