God, College, Bankers, Liberty, Politicians, and John Witherspoon

I connected our Vice President with John Witherspoon who can be the focal point of a New United States with the return of the Republican Party to SANITY, or, to arrive at SANITY for the first time. It furthers the Democrats to put some plan on the board.

Samuel Stanhope Smith President of Princeton | Rosamond Press

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Rosamond Press

John Witherspoon and his family were at one time the most educated in America. John was the President of Princeton. His daughter Ann married married Reverend Samuel Stanhope Smith who became the President of Princeton after John.

The Child of Ann Witherspoon and Reverend Samuel Stanhope Smith, Mary Stanhope Clay married Hon. Joseph Cabell Breckinridge was born on 24 July 1788 at Albemarle County, Virginia, U.S.A..2 He was the son of Hon. John Breckinridge and Mary Hopkins Cabell.1,2 He married Mary Stanhope Clay Smith, daughter of Reverend Samuel Stanhope Smith and Ann Witherspoon, on 11 May 1811. He died on 1 September 1823 at age 35 at Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky, U.S.A., from an epidemic.2

John’s daughter, Frances Withersppon, married David Ramsay the foremost American Historian of his age. These folks are in the Peerage, and their family tree is the foremost in American history. I am in this tree…

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