Qanon and The Quacking Rabbit

I posted this in August of 2018. It is alleged QAnon is destroying the Republican Party. We are practicing “I AM THE SUPRME VICTIM” politics and religion. Trump has brought 1984 to thrive in America with – HIS BIG LIE!


“Eugene goodman is an American hero. At a pivotal moment on January 6, the veteran United States Capitol Police officer single-handedly prevented untold bloodshed. Staring down an angry, advancing mob, he retreated up a marble staircase, calmly wielding his baton to delay his pursuers while calling out their position to his fellow officers. At the top of the steps, still alone and standing just a few yards from the chamber where senators and Vice President Mike Pence had been certifying the Electoral College’s vote, Goodman strategically lured dozens of the mayhem-minded away from an unguarded door to the Senate floor.

The leader of that flank of the mob, later identified by the FBI as Douglas Jensen, wore a T-shirt emblazoned with a red-white-and-blue Q—the insignia of the delusional QAnon conspiracy theory. Its supporters believe that a righteous Donald Trump is leading them in a historic quest to expose the U.S. government’s capture by a global network of cannibalistic pedophiles: not just “deep state” actors in the intelligence community, but Chief Justice John Roberts and a dozen-plus senators, including me. Now Trump’s own vice president is supposedly in on it, too. According to the FBI, Jensen “wanted to have his T-shirt seen on video so that ‘Q’ could ‘get the credit.’”

Business Insider Today | Facebook

Opinion | Trump Ignites a War Within the Church – The New York Times (

Franklin Graham Compares 10 Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump to Betrayal of Christ (

Column: A Catholic pastor speaks out about Trump. Some parishioners walk out. – Chicago Tribune

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Abraham Lincoln Bust Carried Out of White House (

Rosamond Press

The Qanon folks are in denial they voted for Trump because they are racists at heart.

I tried to tell my friends, Marilyn and Kenny Reed, and their friend, Eric Richardson of the NAACP, that white people are going for a white identity, and WE had better offer them one, or, the Republicans will. I kept telling them about the Turners, who fought for the Union against Slavery. Theys insisted on seeing things in black and white, believing Hillary was going to win, and thus Black Lives Matter will take over the Democratic party. What were blacks doing for the eight years they had a black President?

I tried to get them to think SWING VOTERS, meaning white males who want to own a rational white identity. They targeted me because I was a convenient target. With even more proof that white people are crazy-ass racists, black people are going…

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