Menorahs of Elizabeth Rosemond

Liz was a art collector.

Rosamond Press

Here is the lamp of Queen Helena who took the vow of the Nazarite as I did in 1988. In AA one is encouraged to find a high power. Taking a vow not to drink fermented drink that contain alcohol – is forbidden! I never heard of anyone take this vow. It was a unique thing to do. I wondered if this vow would benefit other alcoholics. I found evidence Jesus took the vow. We know Paul did. A year later I tried to convert to Judaism. There is debate as to whether or not my cousin was a proselyte.

Queen Helena was a very famous convert. At the Jewish Museum Liz, Marilyn Monroe, and Andy Warhol, are on display. These two Movie Goddesses were Muses to this famous artist. Both women suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. I fit with these. I am not famous. I am a Nazarite…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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