False Prophet Lineup

False prophets lost the election – and are furious! This just can’t be. God chose them to speak to His Winners!

Rosamond Press

I am ready to write my proposal to the Buck Foundation, and, Alcohol Justice who may be ignoring me because they think they are reading anti-Christian rants in this blog. What do they know? America is going to have to face the music. Trump still has a %50 approval rating, meaning, forty million Christians believe he has ANOTHER un-specified job, that is not a SECULAR Job. This spells trouble – and millions of Christian Republicans know it – and look forward to it! I am not stirring up the hornets nest – they are! They made the hornets nest – and they are proud of it! The Democrats must not be afraid to create and establish a more refined Secular Culture. This blog contains much information towards that end – and must be funded!

Pat Robertson Says God Will ‘Intervene’ in Favor of Texas SCOTUS Lawsuit (msn.com)

As it is…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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