The Mortgage Meltdown Casino

Here is the letter my late friend, Michael Harkins, sent me. He had gone with me to Christine’s funeral, and to Vicki Presco’s house where we were shown the infamous suede jacket lie. Michael was a good friend of the poet, Michael McClure, and, Jim Morrison. When we went to the Martinez courthouse, we discovered Garth and Christine were on the title of Vic’s Lafayette home. This might have been a means of not paying taxes on his mother’s estate, most of it invested in Rosamond prints. Garth’s father spent time in Federal prison for making false deeds of trust.

John Presco

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Settlement Shows How Costly Reverse Mortgages Can Be – The Washington Post

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On April 22, 1997, my best friend, Michael Harkins, sent me an article from the San Francsco Examiner about Lawrence Chazen’s battle with Andrew Cuomo of HUD in regards to preditory loan practices. Micchale was a Private Investigator for the famous PI, William Linhart who was employed by Caryl Chessman.

Chazen claims Cuomo is playing politics – in 1997. Chazen claims he is a victim as does his business associate. I sent e-mails to several Congressman, and our investigation to the Attorney General of California – who ignored MY WARNING! Too bad! Millions of people are going tolose their homes – along with their money!

In separate interviews, broker Charles H. Oliver Jr. and San Francisco investor
Lawrence Chazen angrily objected to the cross-fire of publicity and politics
surrounding a 4-year-old loan to Mattie Aikens and her son Wilbert. Oliver and
Chazen said they’ve been the target of abusive telephone…

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