Garth and Robin Beare Destroyed Estate

Lena and her Sisters by Christine Rosamond Benton

On Christmas Day, my niece Shannon and I were in utter grief about how completely Vicki Presco betrayed us, and was involved with Art Fraud at every turn in the labyrinth she and outsiders created in a evil game of keepaway. Vicki was on the phone with Garth Benton’s divorce attorney almost everyday after our sister drowned. She helped put Shannon in jail. To know a rich and powerful attorney connected to the Getty family is trying to do something illegal, is chilling. You begin to feel powerless. How many others who did not have Shannon’s best interests at heart, feel emboldened? I suspect my daughter mother and aunt wanted to be on The Big Money Team, and not the team of A Loser.

““Over the specific argument of Ms. Beare, Judge Silver refused to appoint Mr.
Chazen. Neither Ms. Beare nor Mr. Chazen disclosed to the court the very
critical fact that Mr. Chazen has the largest single creditor’s claim against
the estate and is a former business partner and business associate of Garth
Benton who the court had removed as Special Administer just moments before.”

Rosamond Press

Vicki Presco was named by Christine Presco to be the Executor of her estate. Vicki declined to serve, and nominated our ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton. He served for about a month, and was dismissed. The No.1 creditor, Lawrence Chance made an appeal to the court to be the Executor, and failed. Vicki spent much time on the phone with Robin Beare who represented Garth in the vicious divorce. I have documents containing Christine’s words, accusing Garth of harassing her. Robin Beare went after the adult heir, Shannon Rosamond. At Beare’s encouragement, Garth and Vicki made an affidavit accusing Shannon from looting the estate where she was living. The day of the funeral Vicki changed the locks and gave our niece the key. Vicki asked me to move in and prevent Shannon from stealing. I refused and bid my dark sister to video tape the contents. In Snyder and Faulkner’s biography, Vicki…

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