Rosamond’s House

Why is a man convicted of Loan Sharking, sitting at the head of the table in my famous sister’s house? Vic Presco was convited of taking a woman’s house in 1994. My cousin, Bill Broderick was disparred for losing a woman’s home. He worked for Vic and wrote letters to the Benton’s after Christine Rosamond Benton, and he daughter, Shannon Sidle, accused my father of raping my niece in his home, where she had gone to live – until the Melba Wilkin’s legacy was tranfsfered to the family partnshership. My daughter, Heather Hanson got 700 hundtre of these prints from Stacey Pierrot – who knew Vic was being honore – for his money! Christine and Vicki put me in touch with my first flame, Marilyn Reed-Godfrey who had called my famous sister to locate me. They wanted me away from Vic,lest he leave me what his mother intended for me. Have you had enough? I have struggled to forgive these monsters. thanks to my therapist – I AM DONE! That my daughter, Heather Hanson replicates this vile honoring of a child molester – is an outrage! I was molest by this sick devil. This came out when I was in hypnotherapy. Christine is covering her face because she had a bad face lift in Mexico. That’s Shannon with her hand’s clasped. Garth and his daughter sit on either side of a criminal abuser of children and women. This is months before he kicked down a bedroom door and raped my niece. He told me they were drinking together, and she came on to him. Vic said they had sexual intercourse, and Shannon was willing.

Vic and Donald look and act alike. To see him get elected was to see my father rise from the dead. My daughter was born on Rosemary’s birthday. Both are not artists, poets, writers,  and spiritual people, yet – they wanted it all!

Rosamond Press

Here is Christine’s home that a collector of her work lived in. When he put it up for sale, he used her beautiful women to stage this house that the present owner told me is haunted.

Rosamond’s art was not selling thanks to Pierrot and Snyder who had big money eyes. Talking with Rosemary and Lillian at the kitchen island after the funeral, is a good memory.


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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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