Kidnappers Insult My Mother and Sister

This insanity was not created by me. I was out of the family long ago. I visited these monsters once a year. Wanda Harking was like my mother. She invited me to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter dinner. To see Vic dining with Christine and Shannon – is an outrage! He paid not child support. A judged ordered him to stay away from his four children. He worked my brother and I – like his slaves! This is a raging alcoholic. How could Garth allow this? GREED! Garth knew I got cheated out of Melba’s legacy. In Snyder’s book – that is Garth’s book – my brother-in-law says if I had passed on a message from Christine to Bill – he would be alive! Somehow Christine could have saved my childhood friend…..LIKE SHE SAVED VIC?

Kidnappers Insult My Mother and Sister | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

I’m ready to sue my daughter and her mother and aunt that deliberate attacked me and my dead sister -for revenge and money! Not able to strike at their insane dead parents, they went after ME – knowing for sixteen years I was a father! This sick family needed to be treated – as a whole! Instead, they used a child to make them whole, make their mental illness – bearable! Linda Comstock turned her family into an Alcoholic Institution that went after The Rice Trust. Their Drunken Goon, Bill Cornwell hit me up for my inheritance in order to buy THEM a Bar&Grill. This is why Linda got free rooms for us all at the Arye Casino where they hoped to get Vicki and I good and drunk! I had twenty three years sobriety, and Vicki twenty. She stopped drinking when I toll her to her one and only…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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