The Mentally Ill Newspaperman

Donald Trump has declared the Free Press the ‘Enemy of the People’. When the Kimites read the idea my sister and I – were inane – they squealed with utter joy, for many Christians see the press as the No.1 Enemy of Jesus. When Half Ton Haffner read the false post of Anarchist ‘Alley Valkyrie’ – she foamed at the FAT MOUTH! She would strike at, and destroy, what her Christian mother hates most – THE TRUTH!

Sue Haffner saw – in her home – my post on my idea for ‘Kimbo and Wade’. I now want to see Netflix do ‘The Mentally Ill newspaperman’.

Synopsis: Being locked up in a mental ward, Jack Bright is allowed to go to his special little room in order to author another post for his blog-newspaper called ‘What About The Truth?’ He had hired a attorney, and won his case that his Freedom of the Press was being oppressed. Tweets by the President of the United States, were used to prove he was not the only one who was out his mind, and, was about Satan’s work in producing…..”FAKE NEWS!”

Applying for a pass to the White House press room, Jack Bright is surprised to receive an invitation. After his attorney gets his client a work furlough, the State has to foot the bill for a nurse-attendant. Jack chooses Kim Fat, a beautiful Chinese babe – who falls in love with Mr. Bright the moment he steps through the weapons detection machine. She is into gruesome slash books, and had written Charlie Manson several love letters. She had obviously not been vetted, and gets Jack in a fine DC hotel, paid for by – the State.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

Fat (or Faat) is the transliteration of several words in Cantonese. In Chow Yun-Fat’s case, it is the word 发/發, which means to do something or, in some expressions, to get rich, especially in the ubiquitous Cantonese and even Mandarin expression 恭喜發財, gung hei faat coi/gong xi fa cai, which is traditionally used to wish one good fortune during Chinese New Years. I am not entirely certain, but it seems to be more common as a name in Hong Kong, as it holds a different connotation in Cantonese than Mandarin.

Trump downplays impact of hack, questions whether Russia involved (

With the help of my therapist it is becoming clear I invented the characters of my Bond book because I did not feel sake divulging the information I was uncovering. I used Victoria Bond’s bodyguard, Myriam Starfish Christling – to intimidate people. I tried this on a facebook friend – and she removed my post. She may have become afraid to un-friend me. I depict Starfish as a murderous psycho.

Before she dispatches The Enemy’ to yon hither side, she tells the story about the fish that lives in the deepest lake in Russia. When her story is done, she plays ‘I Walk Alone The Lonely Road’.

“You have till this song is over, to repent of your sins. Then you will meet your maker, and that cold fish who is the Queen of that lake. She will give you – her cold fish-eye!”

When Micahel Harkins asked Bruce Perlowin who his wife he married in prison, IS, he said he could not say.

“To know would be impervious to your health.”

‘Are you saying you would have to kill me – if i knew!”

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Svetlana, Perlowin’s wife of 35 years, is also one of the co-founders and one of the largest shareholders of Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP). On the horizon for the couple, is a major motion picture on Perlowin’s life as the ‘King of Pot’ as featured on CNBC’s “Marijuana, Inc. Inside America’s Pot Industry” in 2008, which was the most watched documentary in CNBC history. The documentary is still re-airing 4 years later.

Boris Shtokolov – Alone I pass a lonely road – YouTube

The Spy Who Loved Too Much

Posted on December 12, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press

I met Bruce Perlowin through my friend Michael Harkins.

   Jon Presco

Perlowin’s wife, Svetlana, is no stranger to CBS’ 60 Minutes. In 1984, Sveltana Ogorodnikov was convicted of being a Russian spy. The ‘Spy Who Couldn’t Go Home’ scandal was the most watched 60 Minutes show in their history. She was also featured on “The Best of 60 Minutes for the decade of the 80’s, “Mike Wallace Remembers 25 years of 60 Minutes,” and “35 years of 60 Minutes.” Additionally, Perlowin’s co-founder of Medical Marijuana, Inc., Don Steinberg, was also featured on 60 Minutes for his role as the largest marijuana smuggler in US history, back in the 70’s.

Svetlana, Perlowin’s wife of 35 years, is also one of the co-founders and one of the largest shareholders of Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP). On the horizon for the couple, is a major motion picture on Perlowin’s life as the ‘King of Pot’ as featured on CNBC’s “Marijuana, Inc. Inside America’s Pot Industry” in 2008, which was the most watched documentary in CNBC history. The documentary is still re-airing 4 years later.

President Trump on Saturday downplayed the impact of a sprawling hack on a litany of government agencies while questioning officials’ conclusion that Russia was behind the attack.

Trump used his first public comments on the cyber intrusion to dismiss the severity of the hack while asserting that the media was playing it up to hurt him. He also questioned who perpetrated it, despite officials such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying that Russia was to blame for the attack.

The president’s comments, issued in a pair of tweets, directly contradicted government officials and outside experts who said the attack that hit the departments of Energy, Homeland Security, State and Treasury, among others, was one of the broadest cyberattacks in recent memory.

“The Cyber Hack is far greater in the Fake News Media than in actuality. I have been fully briefed and everything is well under control. Russia, Russia, Russia is the priority chant when anything happens because Lamestream is, for mostly financial reasons, petrified of discussing the possibility that it may be China (it may!),” Trump tweeted.

“There could also have been a hit on our ridiculous voting machines during the election, which is now obvious that I won big, making it an even more corrupted embarrassment for the USA,” he added, echoing his claims that widespread voter fraud and irregularities kept him from winning a second term.

….discussing the possibility that it may be China (it may!). There could also have been a hit on our ridiculous voting machines during the election, which is now obvious that I won big, making it an even more corrupted embarrassment for the USA. @DNI_Ratcliffe @SecPompeo– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 19, 2020

The tweets flew in the face of recent comments from high-ranking officials such as Pompeo who said Friday evening that Russia was behind the intrusion.

“I can’t say much more, as we’re still unpacking precisely what it is, and I’m sure some of it will remain classified. But suffice it to say there was a significant effort to use a piece of third-party software to essentially embed code inside of U.S. government systems and it now appears systems of private companies and companies and governments across the world as well,” Pompeo said on “The Mark Levin Show.”

“This was a very significant effort, and I think it’s the case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity,” he added.

Pompeo was the first major government official to publicly blame Russia, though members of Congress and outside experts had widely concluded that Moscow was behind the intrusion.

The hack, which entered government systems through targeted third-party software contractor SolarWinds, blindsided the U.S. government and laid bare both cyber vulnerabilities throughout the government’s systems and Russia’s aggressive posture in cyberspace.

“We shouldn’t have been surprised, the Russians are very sophisticated, they are very dedicated and relentless, and this appeared to be a soft target they were able to exploit,” Christopher Painter, the former State Department cybersecurity coordinator under both the Trump and Obama administrations, told The Hill on Friday.

The expansive hack led lawmakers to call on the White House to take action, including specifically condemning the intrusion and signing the annual defense policy bill, which includes several cybersecurity provisions, but Trump has threatened to veto over other issues.

The administration had already organized a cyber coordination group composed of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the FBI and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to respond to the hack, but at least one lawmaker hit Trump over his silence over the attack.

“I think the White House needs to say something aggressive about what happened. This is almost as if you had a Russian bomber flying undetected over the country, including over the nation’s capital, and not to respond in a setting like that is really stunning,” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said in an interview this week.

The Saturday morning remarks from Trump followed a pattern of him being wary of criticizing Moscow over cyber threats. The president notably refused to accept that Moscow interfered in the 2016 election to boost his campaign, at times dismissing the intelligence community’s overwhelming assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the plot.

It is unclear what kind of response the administration will launch, particularly as Trump focuses his remaining time in office railing against his election loss, but outside voices have called on the White House to launch a counterstrike to deter future Russian hacks.

“The top priority has got to be, if we determine it’s the Russians, that’s where the information tends to point, what the retaliation is going to be,” John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser, said after the attack. “And I think it ought to be, whatever we assess what the cost we incur to be – plus, plus, plus. That’s how you reestablish deterrence.”

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    I found an Oakland actor to play the role of the mentally ill newspaperman. The major problem is, half of American will not want to even heat the name Trump – ever again!
    Angus’ family hails from Ireland, where most of them are still located. Originally from Oakland, California, Angus Cloud attended Oakland School for the Arts in the School of Production Design. While working at a chicken-and-waffles restaurant close to the Barclays Center, Brooklyn, Angus was scouted by Euphoria casting agent Jennifer Venditti, whom he originally suspected was scamming him. Prior to being cast, Angus originally planned to move to Ireland with his family. In an interview with WSJ, Angus stated that he is working on improving his acting skills and that his dream is to become a voice-over actor on a cartoon.[1] Senate Overrides Trump’s Veto of Defense Bill, Dealing a Legislative Blow (

    The Senate on Friday voted overwhelmingly to override President Trump’s veto of the annual military policy bill as most Republicans joined Democrats to rebuke Mr. Trump in the final days of his presidency.

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