I Shot Your Father

Here we go. I thought I lost this post that leads into my post on Jake Freeburg. Bruce Perlowin met with my father in his Lafayette home claiming he knew something about real-estate. The District Attorney of  Contra Costa County was trying to find out the names of Vic Presco’s private lenders. He told him to go fuck himself. One of them was Lawrence Chazen a top Getty advisor and partner in PlumpJack Winery that was taken to court by Alcohol Justice. I will be getting a record of the lawsuit to see who the attorney’s are.

I will be contacting Congressman Eric Swawell because Andrew Cuomo who was the head of head at the time, accused Chazen of Loan Sharking. Larry was a partner in the first Rosamond gallery, and tried to become the executor of my sister’s estate. He was refused because he was the No.1 creditor. He was at the reopening of the Rosamond gallery by new owner, Stacey Pierrot who sent my aunt Lillian a photograph of my sixteen year old daughter – who went to the gallery before the contacted me. Family members encouraged the Hanson’s to make me aware I am a father. Wanting to be in Snyder’s biography, they contacted me.

Eight years ago, Stacey Pierrot sent Heather Hanson 700 images from the partnership formed by my two sisters and our father. Heather agreed in a legal document to be my Special Needs Trustee. This idea that she was forced to DISOWN me, and UNBORN me from my grandchildren – is a continuation of criminal fraud, that is highlighted by the false testimony of how Christine Rosamond Benton – DIED! I will not be UN-BORN by con-artists and grifters! I descend from a prestigious and historic Bay Area family – THE STUTTMESTERS! I hereby declare the Probate of my late sister NULL&VOID. I am calling for a new Judge and an investigation of the law firm of Morris, Heisigner, and Buck.

My brother may be alive and running the family behind the scenes. He is guilty of tax evasion. Mark Presco wrote a racist essay that needs to be read by all people who have a vested interest to put haters like this guy – out of commission! Mark’s essay on the woman’s movement is startling being our sister was considered a leader of said movement. I warned Sydney Morris about my brother. He had to have told Robert Brevoort Buck. This is legal maleficence and wanton destruction of a creative and literary legacy. I told Patrice Hanson and my daughter to stay away from these criminals. But, they were already in their midst at the Rose of the World Gallery.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

The Spy Who Loved Too Much | Rosamond Press Constra County 

Rosamond Press

I gave two paintings to my father, and both got destroyed in the fights he had with his second wife, Dee-Dee. You can see the five pound ashtray on the coffee table that she knocked Vic’s eye out with. He loved wearing a back patch.


‘The Argument’ was  a masterpiece, inspired by Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’. I did this painting when I was seventeen. There are three figures in it, one male, and two females who are on this zig-zag trail facing in different directions with their mouth’s open. The robed man looks like my father, who sang with the Barbershop quartet. This represents the Soap Opera I grew up in. I should do a painting of this brownish photo. I think the Prescos color coordinated their living around this painting. Christine would not take up art until three years later. But by then all my real heavy art…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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