Jesus Was A Moabite King

I began to look at Jesus being a Moabite King when he forgave the murderer while on the cross. Murderers were given sanctuary in Moab. This is 1997 when I realized the Moabite population in Judea were treated like second class citizens due to the altering of the Genesis text. If I and other present day scholars could figure this had been done, then the folks in Jesus’ time – could too! There were rebels everywhere. Why not a Moabite uprising?

Rosamond Press

The fake messenger said this in regards to immigration. Jesus was a Moabite King without a Kingdom. He preached about the coming of God’s Kingdom.

I suspect Jesus was a “childless convert to Judaism”. He descends from Moabite royalty who were once considered Children of the Covenant. The Savior is REBORNING the Moabites. He is the Good Shepherd. He is going to be their King. This is why he is asked all these questions. There are two sects of the Pharisees. One is for him, and the other against him. As part of his conversion, Jesus is tested. After he passes with flying colors, the Herodians plot to murder him, lest he claim the throne of David – too!

John Presco

Copyright 2019

But Jesus wasn’t a spin-doctor. He didn’t think in slogans, or little snippets of scripture. He knew and came to fulfill the whole of His father’s…

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