Lady of the Mountain

There’s a good chance I might be – A GOD!

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When Victoria and Miriam were assigned the threat to Iceland, Greenland, and the Ukraine by Russia, they hatched a scheme on the best way to destroy Putin’s Knight Wolves. They put their heads together and founded a fictional all babe biker club ‘The Mountain Women’ a.k.a. ‘Bad News Cycle’.

This morning I was looking at articles about Ken Kesey and the Hell’s Angels when I googled Mountain Girl, Jerry Garcia’s wife. I found the “Lady of the Mountain” whose legend goes with ‘Dreamer John’. A story can take years to develop. I have shared this process with my reader.

Seer Jon

The “Lady of the Mountain” (Fjallkona) is the female incarnation (national personification) of Iceland.

History in Iceland[edit]

The personification of a nation as…

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