Faked Death at Oakland and Rocky Point

To read the horrific details of Ellen Harrington’s death, activated my PTSD severely. The $300 thousand dollars Leonard Buck left to Frank Buck that Beryl Buck came to own, appears to be GUILT BLOOD MONEY – and Beryl Buck knew it! She saw Dark Greed from the front row, and wanted to leave this blood money to the poor who own a religious agenda.

Here is the house Christine Rosamond Benton was invited to stay in. Weeks after our sister’s death, Vicki Presco refused to give me the name of the owner of this house. I never made an accusation of murder. This was The Fog Machine to hide the truth. I told Patrice to keep our daughter away from Vicki – THE LIAR. I did not hear from the children I sired on Thanksgiving. There was a party planned at Rocky Point. Vicki said the people present in that house Friday night, were: Christine, Vicki, Shamus, Drew. Note the large picture window. Anyone who looked out the window would see “white caps to the horizon” This is what one of the rescue people told me on the phone – and I sent our recorded conversation – and was severely admonished. The coroner changed his report. He needs to change it again.

I will contact VP Kamala Harris and bid her to launch an investigation into the death of Ellen and Christine. Raphael needs to be questioned by the FBI. When she showed up around 11:00 A.M. for the funeral, and when I talked to her, she made an excuse for her raspy voice;

“My voice is raspy from Rosemary’s cigarettes’ smoke. She chain-smoked the whole way!”

Raphael is my childhood friend – too. I would like to interview her for my autobiography for this had to be one of the most interesting five hour conversation – in art history. There they are The Mother and the Best Friend, driving on Highway One as the sun comes up – and lighting up the Pacific Ocean – that took Rosamond’s life! Wow! But, it’s not true. Dick and Lillian would have drove up with Rosemary in their car. Would Uncle Dick put up with the smoke of two chain-smokers – who would have to get up at four in the morning to make the trip…….that never happened! Thee people flew in for THE PARTY on Friday. Some stayed at Christine’s home, and some at Rocky Point. How many people saw how dangerous it was…..DOWN THERE! Why take a child there?

John Presco

Copyright 2020

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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