Redbad ‘The Movie’

I may be kin to Redbad.

Rosamond Press

I got another Christmas Present. I found the Dutch movie ‘Redbad’ who may be my ancestor. I will keep this one a secret. Actually, I showed how to my daughter, Heather Hanson, and, the actress, Lara Roozemond. They were not paying attention. They do not read genealogies and history. I did not hear from Heather this Christmas. She is focusing on giving birth to my granddaughter. Lara has dropped out of sight, and I believe, acting school. She could have gotten a role in this movie, if she knew the right people. Young people need a pay day, not a intellectual study. Redbad is related the Merovingians.

There is talk about a third movie about William of Orange. I have Victoria Bond taking part in a Orange Parade. I doubt it will be made due to the tedious length and real history Redbad goes into. Christians found reasons to whine…

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