Made Offer to Alley Valkerie

My neighbor Kathy (don’t know her last name) ran after Kim Haffner’s dog that she released so it could chase after Clark, the cat that had befirnded me and others in this complex. Kathy was smiling with glee as she ran around the corner, then came back grinning saying Clark jumped on the picnic table to escape that evil dog that barks at everyone who comes near, or, passes by. I post a link to the killing of that puppy in Boston, that is a source to my PTSD.

The primary reason that white people, especially white Americans, appropriate from marginalized traditions is because they’ve been stripped of their own. And if we want white Americans to stop doing that, the best remedy is to encourage them to respectfully and carefully learn about and reclaim their own ancestral traditions.

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Greg 1975



I just discovered that Alley Valkyrie was with Belle when she got arrested as was Ambrose
Holtham-Keathley. Did Ambrose know Alley was going to launch an attack against me? Did Alley suggest Belle give me a call to set up an appointment to meet?

About 12:30 I got more threats from Alley Valkerie. She threatens me with legal action IF I blog on her threats. I believe you can only make a case of defamation of character – after something is in print.

I believe Hitler ‘The Dictator’ had his pre-emptive anti-defamation program – called Autswitz!

I am a reporter on my newspaper. I don’t take dictation. I am going to send these Alley blogs out to some folks to see if they want to do a Reality Show. Millions will tune in to see if ‘The Valkerie’ bags that old Don Juan!

I think Alley is prejudiced against…

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