Replacing True Patritots with Real Traitors

I am alarmed by all my kin who did not contribute one word to the legacy of two creative siblings. Most of them will never have a child, and begrudge me having a daughter and two grandchildren. Why?

Rosamond Press

Above are photos of Governor Rick Perry and his wife (future fist lady?) with real neo-Confederates, who replaced my kin, Alexander Hodges, as leader of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, an organization that was dedicated to tending to Confederate and Southern graves. Now, the SCV is dedicated to seeing that our President fail in all his endeavors, so Sweeney the Swine and his ilk can take over America after destroying the Federal Government.

Above are photos of my Rosamond kindred tending to the lost – and now found – graves our our ancestors. My great, great grandfather lie here, James Rosamond. I believe the Sweeney family is buried nearby.

Wildflower seeds were spread around the Rose of the World graveyard, thus, fulfilling a prophetic fairytale. Sleeping Beauty is named Rosamond. I made a video where I reveal the secret of our Nation’s Flag. The red and white stripes represent the…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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