Replacing True Patritots with Real Traitors

Above are photos of Governor Rick Perry and his wife (future fist lady?) with real neo-Confederates, who replaced my kin, Alexander Hodges, as leader of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, an organization that was dedicated to tending to Confederate and Southern graves. Now, the SCV is dedicated to seeing that our President fail in all his endeavors, so Sweeney the Swine and his ilk can take over America after destroying the Federal Government.

Above are photos of my Rosamond kindred tending to the lost – and now found – graves our our ancestors. My great, great grandfather lie here, James Rosamond. I believe the Sweeney family is buried nearby.

Wildflower seeds were spread around the Rose of the World graveyard, thus, fulfilling a prophetic fairytale. Sleeping Beauty is named Rosamond. I made a video where I reveal the secret of our Nation’s Flag. The red and white stripes represent the Apothercary Rose that is associated with Fair Rosamond Clifford. This is her dress. She wears a cape full of heavenly stars. She wears a wreath of stars – as her crown. This is the Queen of Heaven – that I have come to awaken! Here come the Rebirth of a Nation!

Jon the Nazarite Prince

`Like a rose among thorns, so is my darling among the maidens’ (Song
of Songs 2:2).

Then round about that place there grew a hedge of thorns thicker
every year, until at last the whole castle was hidden from view, and
nothing of it could be seen but the vane on the roof. And a rumor
went abroad in all that country of the beautiful sleeping Rosamond,
for so was the Princess called; and from time to time many Kings’
sons came and tried to force their way through the hedge; but it was
impossible for them to do so, for the thorns held fast together like
strong hands, and the young men were caught by them, and not being
able to get free, there died a lamentable death.

Many a long year afterwards there came a King’s son into that
country, and heard an old man tell how there should be a castle
standing behind the hedge of thorns, and that there a beautiful
enchanted Princess named Rosamond had slept for a hundred years, and
with her the King and Queen, and the whole court. The old man had
been told by his grandfather that many Kings’ sons had sought to pass
the thorn-hedge, but had been caught and pierced by the thorns, and
had died a miserable death. Then said the young man, “Nevertheless, I
do not fear to try; I shall win through and see the lovely Rosamond.”
The good old man tried to dissuade him, but he would not listen to
his words.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I am alarmed by all my kin who did not contribute one word to the legacy of two creative siblings. Most of them will never have a child, and begrudge me having a daughter and two grandchildren. Why?

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