Zardoz of Zorro Ranch

Trump is keeping us in his Labyrinth.

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I finished blogging around 3:30 P.M. today, and began watching the news. I was also composing my opening blog for tomorrow, when I see a street sign that said Zorro Road. I was working on the idea of Trump and Putin taking the stone-head from the movie Zardoz, to ‘The Vortex Of Nasty Women’ that might be in Greenland – or Russia! A reporter commented on Trump calling many women “nasty”  after the stand up to him.

The CBS News reporter is saying Jeffrey Epstein built Zorro Ranch in order to propagate his seed! SAY WHAT!!!! Jefferey is of Jewish blood! My post on Antichrist Island is coming true!

I went googling for Zorro Ranch and found this great article. There is a LABYRINTH in the Zorro Vortex where underage women were brought. I now wonder if they had to be virgins in this plot to…

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