Founding the Universal Anglican Church

Trump should resign by Thanksgiving, and let our young go home to be with their families. Let their generation, begin.

Rosamond Press

Truth is an necessary ingredient  in Organized Religion, Government, and, Banking. Right now, everyone wants Bankers to be Honest and Truthful – even Evangelical Senators and Congressman! But, that might change. What if Trump wins another term, and his party takes back the House. Will they pass a Banking Sin Tax!

“All customers who are registered Democrats, shall be charged a %2 perent Sin Fee because this party supports Abortion – which is legal – but has been ruled Evil by a board of Righteous Bankers. So be it!”

Of course there will be an uproar, that will come before Congressman Collins;

“This Bill is an absolute waste of time and tax payers money. All Democrats got to do is register as a Republican, and the Sin Fee will no longer be applicable! We Holy Lawmakers would like to grant all Democrats a $1,000 a Republican Registration reward, but, that…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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