CIA Knew in 2000 – 911 Was Coming

Margaret Thatcher wanted Newt Gingrich to run for President. Newt just order the arrest of counters.

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austr2Several years ago I wrote my Congressman, Peter Defazio, about Al-Queda’s attempt to blow a nuclear plant in Sydney during the Summer Olympics of 2000. He sent my e-mail to homeland security who wrote me a letter – that lied about there being a threat. Why the cover-up? Bush and his cronies were promoting nuclear power all over the world that entailed getting investors – who would back out if they knew Bin Laden might blow a plant, creating a public outcry against nuclear plants, thus, Laden would be victorious.

A study in the 90s concluded nuclear plants were vulnerable to hijacked airliners, thus, the possibility terrorists would use airliners as a bomb was consider before September 11, 2001. Bush was playing games with Laden – and lost!

“Far fetched? Perhaps, but perhaps not. The London Sunday Times ran a
circumstantially convincing article on October 21, 2001 that Flight 93…

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