John Owns Holy Spirit – Not Jesus!

Pope Francis recognized same-sex marriages two days ago. He is saying Love is at the top of the Commandments of Jesus; “Love one another!” Jesus also said; “I have come for the sinner – and not the righteous!” The right-wing neo-Confederate Cultist have turned the Republican Party into their church, their showcase for the Self-righteous Judgment of others. With the blessing of Republican Cult Leaders, a Catholic cultist has been put on the Supreme Court.” What was your reaction when you heard about the pope’s comments on same-sex unions?

CLOONEY: On the one hand, it’s not surprising at all, because Archbishop Bergoglio [now Pope Francis] struggled with the issue of formal marriage relationships when he was in Argentina and pointed to a compromise such as calling same-sex unions civil unions and not marriage. This debate is similar to what we went through in this country a decade or so ago. But I think Francis’ openness to same-sex unions is also more fundamentally representative of his instinct that human beings have a right to be together, a right to union, a right to family, and therefore, that it would be unjust to provide no way at all for people to live together as a couple. I think it’s his basic sense of human compassion and his openness to finding ways to help people to live the lives that they feel they must live.

On the other hand, you can’t imagine previous popes speaking in this fashion. That doesn’t mean that someone like John Paul was not a compassionate person, but they were so clearly linked to, focused on, church doctrine, and the preservation of marriage between a male and a female and, given their attitudes toward homosexuality, they simply wouldn’t speak in this fashion, whatever they may personally have felt. And I think what is new here is that Francis, as all the reports say, is in the non-authoritative context of a documentary — not sitting on the chair of Peter as pope making a proclamation ­— speaking his mind as probably most Catholics in the West would also speak their minds and say, “Well yes, some kind of way to allow people to live their lives happily and in peace is what matters.”

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In the painting above, now accredited to Leonardo Da Vinci, and his disciple, we see the infant John the Baptist offering the infant Jesus, a bird, that represents the ‘Holy Spirit’.

Jesus is embracing a lamb, and is startled at this sudden appearance of his alleged cousin from behind his mother, who looks down, adoringly, at her alleged nephew – who has a halo around his head. Jesus does not have a halo – yet! Will he have one after taking John’s gift? Note the faint figure on the path above John’s head. Is that a Jewish Sage heading to the cave the path leads to? Is this “The Way” the name of the first church, that existed before Jesus was born.

Note there is a threshold above the cave. Note the two hands of Mary over the heads of these cousins who would become adepts in the Torah. These…

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