The Rose Wolf of the Benjaminite Prophet

My daughter declared my family “dead”. i believe she knew my sister Vicki was dead – and Shamus wasn’t going to tell me. His son Alex insisted he do. In the last week, Shannon Rosamond and I have put together truths that lie hidden. The lies – poisoned BOTH families. Heather and her mother think they have been given a witches antidote. I removed Heather Hanson from my Will, and make Shannon my Heir.

Rosamond Press

“You’re family is dead!” declared my evil daughter, who brought her drunken Philistine champion to our family reunion to destroy us, and put my beloved grandson in the arms of a boastful, drunken fool.

Biblical scholars are concluding what I was shown twenty years ago, the prophet Samuel, and King Saul, are one and the same person. This is to say, Saul was never a king, but, a Nazarite Judge who wore the Ephod and Sword when he judged the Children of God.

God did give me the Ephod and the Sword that drunken King David of the Philistines did wear when he came dancing drunk into Jerusalem before the captured Ark of the Covenant. David was made a Philistine King to rule over the Children of God – after he slay Samuel the Nazarite, and the Nazarite Prophets who were chosen from the Tribe of Benjamin. When Samuel-Saul was…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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