Elijah Will Come

Herbert Armstrong suggested he was the End Time Elijah and he believed in British Israelism.

Rosamond Press

Some evangelical theologians are saying Elijah will come again before the Tribulation, because he did not come when Jesus was alive. This is to say, they conclude John the Baptist was not Elijah because he failed to perform all prophecies concerning Elijah. This second coming of Elijah will convert Jews to Christianity, a feat Paul and Barnabas failed at? Huh? John, Jesus, and the twelve Apostles – were Jews!

There is no death date for Paul and Barnabas, thus I suspect they lived after the Romans burned down the temple in their war against the Jews – that no christian participated in. Yet, Christians claim they have a right to occupy the new temple as it is raised in the air by Jesus – the Jew!

In the Epistle of Barnabas we see an attempt to to turn Jesus into John the Baptist, a Scapegoat on the Day of Atonement…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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