Blue River Burning and Arkyville Too?

On August 20th. Michael Dundon and I had a long text chat on facebook, then got on the phone for another two hours of recalling and reminiscing. We talked about Blue River, compared notes, and refreshed our memory. In doing research this morning I found out a logging company came to Finn Rock from Arkansas and thus this community was called Arkyville. More on this later. Here is some pressing news that I am gathering on my facebook group. There is a level three evacuation order for the edge of Springfield.

John Presco

“Do you recall when they found it and why? Was it to build their dome Also the wife of owner of Blue River general store keeps askimg about Vicki. Shannon brought up having a memorial

I miss the quiet imbetween the passing cars. Now it is like LeMons. The race is on in high performance cars. Gone is the old truck with camper covered in shske.

The sheepscote made of thorn bushes a crown. Satan and an angel been all over the world. This fire is a continuation of our long chat. I got a pic of my daughter in front of the log cabin inn and that cabin your boys lived in. She disapeared for two years to get with Vickie Samus and Dead Christine and she knows me not her father that gave her life she prefers to sell her mothers sorcery dabling my granddaughter Ember by her heel. The last temptation of Job and Nero fiddlef while Rome burned.

I grieve for the free libtary. I know I smelled books burning. White ash fell down on Springfield yesterday. The sky was dark the sun a cromson ball. Repent!

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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