Carol Bee Bennett Is A Fraud

I just got unfriended by a fake hippie who removed this post

“I just found out Buzzy Linhart died. He is a pioneer in medical marijuana. Google him and know how adults have suffered and gone to prison so adults can feel groovy.”

Buzzy also took part in Oaksterdam. Christine Wandel was a friend, and dated Joe Marra of the Night Owl Cafe.

The Queen Bee runs a tight ship and bans people who rub her the wrong way. She has created a innocuous Lavender and Soap hippie shop full of curios and brick-brack. I told her this after she censored my post on the Black Panther’s child feeding program. Black people scare Bee who lives in England. She was not in SF for the Summer of Love. I suspect she is a victim of child abuse, and uses us real hippies to create the illusion of peace and being of a sound mine. I think she is on meds. I objected to her use of a four year old child dressed like a hippie and giving the peace sign to denote her ideal, the way she wants to feel – COMPLETELY INNOCENT! Does she take drugs to achieve Child-like Nirvana? Most parents do not want their children to experiment with drugs, or see them hitchhiking with horny young men who will exchange drugs for sex.

So I gave a good example of a adult famous for his promotion of marijuana use – and got banned for being unmellow. I suggested she form…


I told Carol about someone giving Dagmar’s daughter a dose when she was four. Children are not here to provide adults with a magical way for them to return to their childhood they may have lost due to childhood abuse.

I lost a lot of hippie friends today – NOT!

John Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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