Thomas Jefferson Armed Black Terrorists

Most Americans want our government to deal with Climate Change and the Coronavirus. Trump and evangelical leaders are concerned about keeping in power so they can advance the Rapture Cult of John Darby.

Rosamond Press

The Roses and The Lilies

John Presco


June 21, 2020

A Father of our Nation gave rifles to the black revolutionaries of Haiti so they could kill French soldiers. Jefferson believed the French would arm the slaves of the South. Black slaves only wanted to be free. This evil conspiracy to protect slave owners of the South – and he was one of them – brings us to the present. July Fourth will be upon us, the greatest White Slave Owner Symbol of all time. Our Founding Fathers did not free the slaves when they wrote our Constitution. Why? A statue of Jefferson was toppled in Eugene Oregon. This was a good start to a Real Revolution, and perhaps the founding of the Kingdom of Fromond – that will include all of Canada! Harry and Megan will be the sovereigns of Fromond.

The reason Marie D’ Medici’s history…

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