The Eel Virus


The Royal Janitor had a apocalyptical feel to it. So do Lara Roozemond’s videos. This may be the only role Lara will play, she still my Victoria Bond. I have Victoria and Miriam come to Oregon, then write her parents were Christian Survivalists who lived in Eastern Oregon. The author of The Postman says he does not know where his story came from. I believe, like me, he is a Futurian, science fiction writers who are given a MESSAGE TO DELIVER. Deliverance is the key work. Consider Foy and the Bundy Boys who I connect with Rena. I suspect she has fallen in with Christian Nazis.

I just read a huge damn is about to break in China destroying five cities the size of LA. I’m afraid a great pandemic will rise from millions of dead corpses.

John Presco

In 2013, an unnamed nomad enters the Oregon flatlands, trading Shakespearean performances for food and water. In one of the towns, the nomad is forced into the ranks of the predominant neo-fascist militia in the area, known as the Holnists and run by General Bethlehem, whose goal is to become the founder of a regime over the fallen United States. When he escapes, the nomad takes refuge in a dead postman’s mail vehicle.

With the postman’s uniform and mail bag, he arrives in Pineview claiming to be from the newly restored US government. He convinces town sheriff Briscoe by showing a letter addressed to elderly villager Irene March. The Postman inspires a teenager named Ford Lincoln Mercury and swears him into the postal service. The Postman also meets spouses Abby and Michael, fulfilling their clinical request to impregnate her. When the Postman leaves for the town of Benning, he carries a pile of mail left at the post office door by the townspeople.

During a raid of Pineview, General Bethlehem learns of the Postman’s tales of a restored government and becomes afraid of losing power if word spreads. He burns the American flag and post office, kills Michael, kidnaps Abby, and next attacks the town of Benning. The Postman surrenders, but Abby saves him from execution, and the two escape into the surrounding mountains. A pregnant Abby and an injured Postman ride out the winter in an abandoned cabin.

When spring arrives, they cross the range and run into a girl, who claims to be a postal carrier. She reveals that Ford Lincoln Mercury organized a postal service based on the Postman’s story. They have established communications with other settlements, creating a quasi-society and inadvertently spreading hope.

Rosamond Press

In my novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ I have Victoria Bond pour eels down the throat of her tormentor named Blue who returns the favor in a ancient Catholic ritual. There are several parades and demonstrations in my book that I did not understand. Now I see the eels as the coronavirus, and the protests as the Expose Me Parades.

President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter Saturday that the daily coronavirus briefings were “not worth the time & effort” after his remarks on injecting disinfectant drew criticism earlier this week.

During his absence at yesterday’s White House coronavirus press conference, the commander-in-chief posted two tweets attacking the media for asking “hostile questions” at the daily briefings and spreading “fake news.”

Posting on Twitter last night, the president wrote: “What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses…

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